Cool Tattoo Ideas for Men

John Dietrich

If you’re on the hunt for cool tattoo ideas for men, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve put together some of the top tattoo ideas for men available to help inspire you for your next piece of ink. Whether you want something that’s meaningful and special, or simply looks badass, you’ll find a tattoo design idea that works for you. Read on to see our suggestions for cool tattoo ideas for men.

Skull Tattoo Ideas – There’s a ton of variety available for skull tattoo ideas depending what kind of meaning and association you want linked to your tattoo design. Some of the top designs for skull tattoos include: a flaming skull, death skull, skull in a clock face, skull in headdress, skull with roses, skulls with snake through eye sockets, a collection of skulls, skull with no bottom jaw, king skull, dia de los muertos skull, corroded skull, and a devil skull. You can add any additional details to your skull tattoo to make it personal and unique to you, while also altering the overall meaning of the ink to suit your needs.

Rose Tattoo Ideas – Roses can be added to any tattoo idea, and used in any size, style or placement, making it one of the most versatile tattoo designs out there. Rose tattoo designs are great for hand tattoos because of the contours and size of the area. Roses used in men’s tattoos are most often done in a realistic style, either in color or, more commonly, black and grey. Adding details like dew drops and thorns can have the rose tattoo design take on different meanings, depending on what message you want your tattoo to send.

Tribal Tattoo Ideas – Tribal tattoos are all about bold linework and a badass appearance. Unless you’re getting a traditional Polynesian tattoo, or some other kind of culturally traditional tribal tattoo there aren’t really any templates that you need to go by. Any artist can put something together for you based on you telling them that you want a bold, blackwork tribal tattoo design.

Compass Tattoo Ideas – There are a few different meanings behind compass tattoos, one of the most common ones being representative of finding one’s way. Compass tattoos can be done alongside a map of a specific place, on its own as a standalone tattoo, or with accompanying details that are meaningful to you. First you need to choose what tattoo style you want your compass tattoo design to be in, and then you can go ahead and decide on details like color or black and grey.

Clock Tattoo Ideas – Clock tattoos are another one of the more popular tattoo ideas for men. Clocks area associated with several meanings, not just the passage of time. Clock tattoos work in most sizes depending on the amount of detail you want included, and are best done in realistic style. If you want to add something extra to your tattoo design, consider combining the clock with a rose or a skull, as these items can add additional meaning and depth to any clock tattoo design.

Eye Tattoo Ideas – One of the top tattoo designs for men are eyes, because they have ton of meaning associated with them. There are a ton of options for different kinds of eye tattoo designs, mostly depending on which tattoo style you choose to go with and what kinds of details you want incorporated. Some eye tattoo ideas include: a crying eye, a realistic eye, a realistic eye with an image reflected in the iris, an all-seeing eye, the eye of Horus, an animal eye, or an abstract eye. If you want to your eye tattoo to have a particular meaning, look into some design combinations to make the message of your tattoo especially unique.

Anchor Tattoo Ideas – Anchor tattoos aren’t just for sailors anymore. Anchors have a lot of meaning linked to them, and they aren’t all strictly nautical. Anchors make great standalone tattoos, or they can be combined with other design ideas to alter its meaning and add some depth. Some ideas for anchor tattoos include: an anchor on its own, an anchor with ribbons of text across it, an anchor as the arrows in a compass, an anchor that makes the shape of a ship, an anchor with chains, an anchor with rope, a ship wheel and anchor, or an anchor with flowers.

Script Tattoo Ideas – The bolder the script, the more masculine its appearance, so if this is the look you’re going for, you need to choose the right font. Fonts that have a bold, gothic look typically work great with tattoo ideas for men. If your tattoo idea has a special meaning and you want it to stand for a specific person, consider having their handwriting traced as your tattoo font. There are an endless number of font options for script tattoos, but for a more masculine tattoo look, stick with fonts that are more bold and rough in appearance.

Dragon Tattoo Ideas – Dragons come in many forms, and are especially meaningful in Japanese and Chinese cultures. In terms of options, there are quite a few ways that dragons can be used in tattoo designs, such as: a dragon wrapped around a skull, a winged dragon, a serpentine dragon, a dragon face, a fire breathing dragon, a tribal style dragon, a dragon wrapped around a cross, a dragon eye, a devil faced dragon, a Chinese new year dragon, and an anime dragon.

Animal Tattoo Ideas – Certain animals are linked to certain meanings, so depending on what kind of message you want for your tattoo, the animal you choose plays a huge role. Some of the more popular and masculine animals that can are used in cool tattoo ideas for men include: bears, lions, tigers, wolves, snakes, spiders, and sharks. Each of the species of animal stands as a symbol for some meaning or other, so consider what you want your tattoo to say and you’ll find the best animal fit for your tattoo design.

There are several choices when it comes to cool tattoo ideas for men, it just comes down to what kind of meaning and appearance you ultimately want your tattoo to have. These are just some of the more popular tattoo ideas for men, all of which can easily be personalized to be unique to you.

Do you have a cool tattoo idea for men? Let us know in the comments!

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