Custom Tattoo Design- Revolutionizing How Tattoo Ideas Come to Life

John Dietrich

Revolutionizing The Tattoo Industry

When we first started Custom Tattoo Design, the reactions from the tattoo industry were not very positive. Many tattoo shops were upset that we were challenging the establishment when it came to getting a tattoo design. Their narrow mindedness really caught us off guard and discouraged us at first, as shops, artists and bloggers were not supportive of our vision.

Tattoo shops and tattoo artists believed that they already provided custom tattoo design services, however, they do not offer this service for free. If you wanted to get a tattoo sleeve today, you most likely wouldn’t be able to walk into a tattoo shop and have one drawn up without any strings attached. As we work in the tattoo industry, let us give you some insight on how tattoo shops operate and how Custom Tattoo Designs is revolutionizing the way people get tattoos.

The first thing you’ll need to do in order to get a tattoo at a shop is make an appointment. If you don’t need one, the tattoo artist is probably not qualified enough to permanently put ink onto your body. A really good tattoo artist will be in high demand and they will charge the most for their talents whether it’s for a simple tattoo idea like a butterfly or something more elaborate like a sleeve.

An artist in high demand will probably be booked for years in advance and won’t design a tattoo for you until you’ve made a substantial down payment towards a future appointment at their shop to get the design inked with them. This payment would be non-refundable and the artwork created would never leave the tattoo shop. This is because they don’t want to risk you taking their tattoo design to another shop if you change your mind.

When booking your appointment, the tattoo shop reception will point you to the artist’s portfolio books and let you look through them until you see something similar to what you want. When the day of your appointment finally arrives, the artist will have a sketch or two prepared and will give you a few minutes to provide your input on the design. They will work with you to quickly make a few changes and get the rough sketch on paper for a stencil. Larger tattoos will often be broken up into a few parts or sections so you may never see the full, completed design on paper beforehand. Lastly, this design will never be shaded, finished artwork that you can take home. The unfortunate reality of this is that if your tattoo design idea is really great, you will probably see a few people in your town with the same design in the summer as your tattoo artist may decide to reuse the design.   TO BE CONTINUED….