How to Design a Couples’ Tattoo

John Dietrich

There’s more than one way to celebrate your relationship, but few things allow you to be as creative as the good old fashioned couples’ tattoo. Getting tattooed together can be a great experience for a couple, but first, you need the design of your couples’ tattoo. Deciding on what kind of design you want that will signify your relationship isn’t a complicated process. We break it down for you right here, so that you can easily come up the ultimate inspiration for your unique couples’ tattoo design.

Read on to see what questions you need to ask yourselves, and where you can take inspiration from.

Consider What’s Meaningful to You

Figuring out what kind of design you and your partner are going to get for your couples’ tattoo can be the best part of the process! You get to go over everything you like, look back on some of your favorite memories together, and let your creative juices flow. One way to start figuring out what kind of tattoo you should ultimately get is to consider what’s meaningful to the two of you as a couple, or even as individuals who have come together to form a whole. Is there something specific that you see and instantly think of the other person? Do you have an inside joke that you two love? Anything that’s particularly symbolic of your relationship can make for a great couples’ tattoo design.

You could also consider activities or pop culture phenomena that you two mutually enjoy. If one of your frequent activities together is hiking, maybe an outdoor-themed tattoo design would be the one for you. Perhaps you have a particular movie or TV show that you quote constantly, or you game together as a couple. These are great sources of inspiration for a fun and meaningful couples’ tattoo.

One couple on Reddit chose to immortalize their love through body art with a retro video game inspired tattoo design, “We wanted something that was matching, but that we could each put our own ‘spin’ on, so we went with a matching theme: family and Pac-Man! I got Mrs. Pac-Man running towards a pretzel, and he got Pac-Man running away from a ghost”. As their family expanded, their couples’ tattoo became a family tattoo, “Over the years, we’ve each added smaller Pac-Man/Mrs. Pac-Men for our children (mine behind, so they’re following me to the food, and his in front so he’s guarding them from the danger)”.

Whatever it is that you two like to do together, or both equally love, can be great inspiration for a couples’ tattoo.

Will the Tattoo Designs Match or Compliment?

In the beginning stages of the design process for your couples’ tattoo, you’re going to have to decide what kind of tattoos you want to get. Are you going to have matching designs? Will they be complementary, but not exactly matching tattoos? Do you want the individual designs to form a whole new design once they’re put together? To make things easier for yourselves, these are questions you need to make sure you answer before going ahead with the design process. Having a couples’ tattoo doesn’t have to mean having the same exact tattoos that match, there’s a lot of room for creativity.

Couples’ tattoo are about you as a couple and your relationship, so it’s not about what you’re ‘supposed to’ to do, it’s about what you want to do. Another couple on Reddit combined the love of their pets with their love for each other to make a unique tattoo design just for them, “We love zombies and we love our dogs. So, he got a zombie German Shepherd (‘his’ dog), and I got a zombie greyhound (‘my’ dog). The tattoos stand alone, but there is no doubt [that] they belong together if you see them at the same time”.

Talk About Placement

When you’re coming up with the design for your couples’ tattoo, make sure you also keep in mind where you want the tattoo to go. This could impact the design itself and how it will look on your skin, so it’s important to decide where you want to get your tattoo done as early in the process as possible. Some things you’ll want to consider are: Do you want the tattoos to be visible all the time or do you want it to be private and special for just the two of you? Do you want the option to hide it? How big do you want it to be? Will they be in the same spot on both of you?

You don’t have to go the matchy-matchy route just because it’s a couples’ tattoo. If you want to get tattooed on your bicep, and your partner wants one on their thigh, there’s no reason that wouldn’t work. It’s about the design itself more than where it is, but it’s good to keep in mind where you’re thinking of getting the tattoo while you’re also figuring out your design. For the most part, with couples’ tattoos, it’s clear that the tattoos go together, no matter where you put them.

Getting tattoo with your partner can be an awesome way to solidify and publicly announce your commitment to each other. They’re also a great way to show off your personality as a couple, and express yourselves through body art using a design that you came up with together.

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