Family Tattoo Ideas

John Dietrich

Getting a tattoo with your family members is a great way to solidify already strong relationships, and keep a part of them with you wherever you go. We’ve gathered some of the top tattoo ideas for family ink to help inspire you if you and your family members are looking for ideas for new tattoos.

Brother Sister Tattoo Ideas – These ideas can work for any sibling tattoo, whether its brother and sister, or sister and sister, or brother and brother. Some of the most popular brother sister tattoo ideas are: quotes that you and your sibling say, meaningful phrases, infinity symbols, pop culture references, roman numerals denoting birth order, card suits, elemental symbols that relate to individual personalities, sun, moon and stars, and inverted triangles.

Father Daughter Tattoo Ideas – Father daughter tattoos are sweet ideas to showcase the strength of that bond. Some of the best father daughter tattoo ideas out there are: silhouette figures of a father and young daughter, quotes from literature about fatherhood, meaningful phrases to one another, a quote in each other’s handwriting, family mottos, a Celtic knot, his and her hands.

Mom and Son Tattoo Ideas – There are few bonds stronger than that of a mother and her son, which is why we put together some notes for mother son tattoo ideas. The top contenders include: son’s baby footprint, family tree, mom and baby animals such lioness and cub or mother elephant leading baby, mother and baby silhouette or outlines, an angel and baby jesus, or a Celtic knot.

Kids Name Tattoo Ideas – Tattoo ideas with kids names are growing in popularity, so here are our best suggestions if you’re in the market for this kind of tattoo: baby’s handprint with name, baby footprint with name and birth info, hands making a heart shape with name in centre, arrows with kids name as stick, family tree with names making up branches, clock with birth time and name, and baby’s name and birth info making the shape of a heart or cross.

Mom and Daughter Tattoo Ideas – A lot of the possible designs for mom and daughter tattoos can be the same ideas as mother and son tattoo ideas, but with more feminine elements, such as: hearts, flowers, butterflies, Disney characters, quotes from favorite children’s books, symbols that are meaningful to the two of you, mom and daughter in infinity symbol, mother and daughter labels in script.

No matter what kind of family tattoo you’re looking to get, there are tons of possibilities to make a tattoo design that’s unique to your relationship. Getting a tattoo together can be a great bonding experience, and makes for a great story of a shared experience down the road.

Do you have more family tattoo ideas? Let us know in the comments!

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