Hottest Tattoo Ideas to Keep You “Cool” This Summer

John Dietrich

Summer is right around the corner, and with that goes the layers of clothes to protect from the cold. You’re showing more skin, so why not make it fancy with some killer new ink? Summer is the perfect time of year to showcase your body art, and if you’re in the market for some new work, the season can be a source of great inspiration. We’ve put together a guide on where the best places are for a tattoo in the summer, and what kinds of designs to consider. Read on to find out more about summertime tattoos!

Best Placement to Show Off Your Ink

Sun Tattoo on Woman Photo: Instagram

If you’re getting inked for the summer, you want to be able to show it off effortlessly. These are some of the best spots to get your new tattoo to guarantee it’ll get noticed!

Ankles & Achilles The ankles and back of the foot get a lot of exposure when it heats up outside, so getting a tattoo in these areas guarantees that people are going to be able to see it. It’s also a great spot because you can hide your tattoos if you want to, with pants, socks or shoes, so it can be your little secret.

Upper Arm Chances are very high that you’re going to have bare arms when it’s hot outside, so why not get a tattoo where you can easily rock it whenever you want? It’s an easy spot to both hide and show off your ink when needed, and also happens to be the spot where women love tattoos most on men!

Forearm The forearm is the toughest to hide, so keep that in mind if you want the option to hide your ink if necessary. On the other hand, it’s the perfect spot to make sure your body art is going to be seen and appreciated.

Upper Back & Shoulders At some point in the summer, you’re going take off your shirt, which gives you the perfect opportunity to flaunt your ink. This is a great spot for both men and women, because tattoos can hidden if needed, but also very easily seen when you want them to be.

Chest Depending where on the chest, this tattoo spot works for both guys and gals. Ladies can show off their chest ink with crop tops, tank tops or bikinis, and men can take it all off to expose their body art at the beach with ease.

Ribcage The ribcage is an especially good choice for women, because it’s an easy and sexy spot to expose. Whether you’re wearing a bikini or a crop top, you can almost always flaunt your side ink no matter what kind of outfit you’re rocking in the heat.

Thigh A great tattoo spot for women, and men who wear shorts – it’s a sexy peek-a-poo area that you only show sometimes. Ladies can display their ink in shorts, skirts, dresses, bathing suits – basically any summer outfit can show off a thigh tattoo, and come winter, it’s just as easy to cover, which makes it the perfect spot.

Calf The back of the calf is a top choice for a lot of men’s tattoos, and for good reason! The skin doesn’t stretch with bulk, can be hidden with pants, and easily exposed when you want the world to see the tattoos you’re repping.

Top Summertime Design Ideas

Watermelon Color Tattoo Photo: Flour Mayhem

Summertime is all about carefree fun in the sun, and you want your seasonal tattoo to reflect that! From a large back piece, to a tiny micro tattoo, these are some of the top tattoo design ideas for summer.

Large-Scale Ideas

Beach Sunset Tattoo in Black and White Photo: ntattoodesigns

Landscapes There’s one landscape that comes to mind when you think of summer, and that’s the beach. Beach scenes are a popular tattoo design for summer, because they very much represent what you think of when you think of that season! These designs are beautiful, versatile, and allow you to rep the beach all year round.

Nature Being outside and part of nature is something we all hope to do in the summer, so getting a tattoo of some element of the outdoors is a great way to honor your love of the season. Large, intricate trees or flowers are just a couple of possible themes that work perfectly for a summer seasonal design.

Animals With summer comes an influx of animals who have been hibernating, so why not pay tribute to their role in summer by using them as inspiration for a killer new tattoo? A portrait tattoo of a bear, wolf, or lion are some of the most popular animal inspired tattoo designs.

Smaller-Scale Pieces

Beach Ankle Tattoos Photo: Pinterest

Fruit Nothing spells summer quite like fresh fruit, which also happens to make for a fun, small tattoo idea. Berries, watermelon, and citrus fruits all signify summer, so if you’re a super fan of the season’s bounties use that for a tattoo design idea.

Cocktails Few things are better than a cold one poolside or on the beach, so celebrate the best part of summer all year long with a cocktail tattoo!

Tropical Tropical equals summer, no question, so if you want a tattoo design that symbolizes your favorite season of the year, a tropical piece is a good way to go. Palm trees or the sun are a couple of ideas you could use to come up with your design idea.

Nautical Nautical and water related designs are extremely popular summer tattoo designs, and there’s room for a lot of creativity with these areas. Anchors and waves are some specific ideas that get a lot of traction – they’re quintessential images for summertime!

Know-How: How to Care for Your Fresh Summer Ink

Sunscreen Burn Fake Tattoo Photo: Pinterest

Getting a new summer tattoo is a fun and exciting idea, but this time of year requires some serious adherence to tattoo aftercare. In order to ensure that your skin heals properly, and the ink settles so it will look it’s best in the long run, there are a couple of steps you cannot skip.

After getting a brand new tattoo, it’s essential that you do not soak it in any kind of water for at least 2 weeks. This means no baths, and no swimming in pools, lakes, or oceans until that 14 days is up. You absolutely must wash your tattoo during this time (it’s a healing wound, after all) but the key is not to let it soak or sit in water – showers are okay, and, frankly, encouraged. Wash with a mild, unscented soap.

For the first 2 weeks, you also want to keep your fresh ink completely covered from the sun. Once that time is up, a good habit to get into is covering your tattoo with sunscreen before going outside. This will ensure that the ink remains at its boldest and brightest color, without fading out.

Summer is the season that many people look forward, with its gorgeous weather and hot bodies on the beach. it’s the perfect time to get a new tattoo that you can show off! But you want to be sure that you take good care of it while it’s still fresh. There’s a ton of design inspiration within the season – from the beach and babes, to fresh fruit and cocktails, you can find ideas for a tattoo just about anywhere in summer.

Do you have tattoo that celebrates summer? Let us know in the comments!

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