How To “Design a Great Tattoo” , When you’re not sure where to start !

John Dietrich

Designing Custom Tattoos

Everyday hundreds of people send us inquiries about designing a tattoo for them. Some people know exactly what they want, however the majority of people simply just want a tattoo and hope we can come up with something out of thin air.   After a year of similar request it leads me to write this blog.

Before we get started on how to create the best tattoo designs, let me explain what it’s like at Custom Tattoo Design.   When a customer sends us a vague idea of what they want, it sends up red flags for our team.  The biggest concern is that we do not know the customer personally; we don’t know their hobbies, likes and dislikes or their personality.  When a professional artist goes to start designing this tattoo, they already know they’ve lost because the odds that the artist’s likes and the customers being the same would be very rare.  The next thing we find is that when a customer really isn’t sure what they want there is no end to the design process.  If they don’t know what they want it to look like in the end, they continue to change it over and over and they are never really happy with the result.

Let’s talk about how you can design a great tattoo without having a perfect image of the design in your head.

Here are the key elements to designing a great tattoo:

1)      Where will the tattoo be on the body?

  • A customer should know where they want the tattoo. We know it can be hard, however the design needs to be made to fit the location. It’s important to know where you want your tattoo and to communicate that clearly.

2)      A tattoo design theme:

  • If you’re not positive about what you’re looking for specifically in your design, you should try to find a style or a theme.  Most people will know if they like a style such as realism, cartoon like artwork, solid black or so on.  The other thought should be at least a theme, whether it’s family, outdoors, heaven, children or another personal look and feel.

3)      Reference ideas:

  • If you have seen something you like, its great to save those ideas, often what you like tells the tale of your themes, styles and potential locations you might prefer.

4)      Composition :

  • This is where the professional takes over.  The composition of the tattoo design is the most difficult component of a great tattoo design.   Deciding how the flow, look, and feel will come together is what differentiates artists from anyone else.  If you can decide on the first few details then a great artist should be able to put the pieces together in a incredible way.


Why you should get your next tattoo completed with Custom Tattoo Design?

Getting a one of a kind custom tattoo design is becoming more and more common.  Customers are getting sick of seeing the same tattoo on their body as 15 other people they know.  The best part of having a custom tattoo design is the way the finished design flows together as one piece.  If you have ever seen the guy with 20 individual tattoos that says he has a sleeve vs someone who has an amazing piece of artwork which covers their arm, then you know what I mean.   Some people think that it’s expensive to have a tattoo designed on top of the cost of getting a tattoo.  Most of those same people call it a sketch. We take designing tattoos very seriously and believe we’re creating a masterpiece of artwork that will be on our customers body for the rest of their lives.  One of those is worth a few bucks the other is priceless in not only our minds, but our customers.
Save your body in 2 minutes and send us your tattoo design idea today and get your free quote.

Lee Roller

Owner/Custom Tattoo Design