An Interview with Ink Done Right

John Dietrich
Ink Done Right is one of the leading blogs in the tattoo industry today. Covering every topic, from the history of tattoos, to industry advice, it really is a platform for true tattoo lovers. We decided to interview them, hoping to learn more about their blog’s main focus as well as their goals for the tattoo industry. We asked them about everything from how they got started, to which tattoos their staff were sporting. Read on, and learn about the ins and outs of this cool tattoo community!

An interview with Ink Done Right

Tell us about Ink Done Right. What is the meaning behind the brand?

We wanted to inform others about excellent designs and artists. In other words, ink done right. This simple goal expanded into a much bigger one. We started to cover more than just design articles. We took a long look at the history of tattoos around the world, the meaning behind typical designs, advice on caring for a tattoo, and advice for tattoo artists starting a shop. Ultimately, our brand still represents ink done right. But, alongside excellent tattoo designs, we also provide tattoo information.

How did you guys start?
We started in order to talk about excellent designs. A lot of outstanding artists and tattoos are overlooked due to the thousands of pictures on Instagram, Pinterest, and so on. We wanted to create a gallery for only the best tattoos. Along with that, some tattoos lose their luster if you don’t know the meaning behind them. In example, some people might write off a sujibori (Japanese tattoo outlines) as boring or bad art if they didn’t know the process behind it.

So we provide that sort of information, too—the background and meaning behind types of tattoos. There simply wasn’t enough of that knowledge out there when we started. The playing field has changed, but of course, we still strive to provide the best information and designs that we can.

What is your brand’s role in the tattoo industry?
Our role in the industry is to inform. Tattoo artists come to us to learn how to set up their shop, what sort of machinery they need, what sort of products they need to stock—the whole works. An upcoming artist might visit us to learn how to get an apprenticeship or become a tattoo artist. Tattoo lovers browse the site for awesome designs and the meaning behind them. And—most importantly—people new to the tattoo world visit us in order to learn about everything. Caring for your tattoo, finding an artist, choosing a style, and choosing a design all fall under the information we provide. We always tries to push the envelope and expand the knowledge of tattoos online.

Do any of you have tattoos?
Yes. One of our founders has a tattoo of his personal mantra in Sanskrit: ‘Courage, peace, and freedom in my heart.’ It really captures what it means to be a part of the tattoo community. Sara (our main writer) has a watercolor tattoo of a nebula with negative space forming the shape of an elk. The elk is her spirit animal, and it represents great stamina during a spiritual journey.

What makes you guys stand out from other tattoo blogs?
I think the best part about our site is the huge variety of information we offer. If you’re interested in tattoos, we have something for you to read. It doesn’t matter if you’re a tattoo lover or tattoo artist. We provide dozens of design galleries to whet the imagination, but it’s the supplementary information that really makes us stand out. For example, we give instructions on tattoo aftercare, how to find great tattoo artists, and even how to make your own tattoo machine. We go into detail about the history of tattoos and explore the origin of all kinds of tattoo styles.

Besides that, most tattoo blogs focus on a single aspect of the tattoo world. That’s exactly what our founders wanted to avoid. A reader shouldn’t need to visit 4 different sources just to get all the information they need. IDR is constantly evolving. We started as a tiny niche blog for tattoo designs and it expanded quickly into all other areas of the tattoo industry. That natural evolution is what makes us unique. The next projects are still all under wraps, but we are already working on the concept of our very first offline business. Also, I can’t tell you too much here, but have you ever seen a fashion boutique with a tattoo parlor in it?

To top it off, the IDR team is great to work with, and we’re all tattoo lovers. We bounce ideas off of each other until we find a topic that needs to be talked about. This way, we always say something new and contribute to the growing archive of tattoo knowledge on the internet.

Ink Done Right

Ink Done Right is an outstanding resource for those interested in the tattoo industry and art. If you need any information on making your way into the tattoo industry or you’re interested in the meaning behind classic tattoo designs, check out this fantastic blog!

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