My Funny Valentine

John Dietrich

With Valentine’s Day comes a lot of raised expectations: whether your status is single or it’s complicated, this special day can actually create a lot of stress.There’s a reason why it’s been called Sob Over Leftovers Day or Just Come Over and Sleep Beside Me Day. To break some of the tension, we created a list of light-hearted, romance-themed tattoos that really stood out to us. Check out the list below, and experience some of the most entertaining expressions of love!

The Most Shameless

The winner for the Most Shameless is our friend, Dan. He and his friend got Nike swooshes to represent Nike’s signature tagline, “Just Do It.” His tattoo symbolizes his core belief that “sometimes, less thought and more action works a lot better.”

The Cutest

Photo By: Tattoos Beautiful

We elected these partner tattoos as The Cutest: the design is simple and friendly, and the tattoo figures embrace when placed side by side. How endearing! When relationships can get so heavy and serious, it’s really refreshing to see such a fun-loving partner tattoo–a sweet reminder that life is better when we’re together!

The Most Comforting

Photo By: Piercing Models

We picked the pizza and the slice as The Most Comforting romantic partner tattoos. Clearly this couple shares a love for each other and for the best comfort food around–pizza! Sometimes, it’s nice to bring lofty, romantic feelings back down to earth, and to bond over the simple, everyday pleasures.

Making Lemonade Out Lemons

Photo By: iFroggeh

This man knows very well that “it’s not whether you get knocked down, it’s whether you get back up.” Even if that means getting back up 5 times. Keep on keeping on!

The Driest Wit

The rock and ruler tattoos won The Driest Wit. The ruler design is saying “You rock,” to the rock, and the rock tattoo is saying “you rule,” to the ruler. These puns just can’t get any drier, but we love the bland positivity.

The Most Self-Aware

These four friends have commendable self-awareness. Not only do they know that they will make mistakes, they embrace their future mistakes with enthusiasm! After all, when it comes to love, we all stumble every now and then.

Whether a tattoo represents a failed relationship or a reminder to initiate new ones with confidence, it’s always relieving to be able to look back on past actions with a smile and a positive attitude. If you know of any humorous Valentine’s Day themed tattoo stories, let us know about them in the comments section below!

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