Scientific Tattoo Meanings

A relatively modern design type is the scientific tattoo. These designs feature anything from microscopic biological structures, to macroscopic space objects. Many of them are readable and minimalistic, clearly displaying scientific laws or concepts in special scientific notation. The specific ‘meanings’ behind these designs are straightforward, as far as the actual scientific concepts are concerned, but the meaning behind the tattoo tends to be highly personal.

Popular science writer, Carl Zimmer, set out to learn about those who had science-themed tattoos. He discovered that many people working in a scientific field had a related tattoo based on an emotional connection they’d made to a certain scientific idea. Others have opted for scientific tattoos simply to express their passion for the subject. Look through our science tattoo dictionary below, and see if any of these ideas appeal to you!


Feathers Tattoo Meanings

Feathers are powerful symbols in multiple cultures across the world, representing freedom and our connection to nature. But feathers have a special place in North America. Native Americans believed that all parts of nature had unique spirits, and so animals were thought to have their own as well. They believed that a bird’s feathers carried the spirit of the bird that they fell from, and so feathers were often granted to successful warriors, to honour their bravery in battle. Below, we’ve put together a feather tattoo dictionary, elaborating on all of the meanings behind each of these tattoo designs. Read on, and learn about all sorts of feather symbols!


This Weeks Featured Tattoos!

1) In honor of the new star wars movie we have to show off this crazy Star Wars Tattoo as our #1 pic

These are our picks for the top tattoos sent to us by our customers this week. Have a look and get inspired for your next Custom Tattoo Design.


How To “Design a Great Tattoo” , When you’re not sure where to start !

Designing Custom Tattoos

Everyday hundreds of people send us inquiries about designing a tattoo for them. Some people know exactly what they want, however the majority of people simply just want a tattoo and hope we can come up with something out of thin air.   After a year of similar request it leads me to write this blog.


Dont Get a Bad Tattoo, Save Your Body In 2 Minutes!

In my experience, tattoo artists and shop owners are generally great people and love their craft. In saying that, please understand that a tattoo shop is just like any other business. It’s their job to sell you on their business and create sales; have you ever heard of a shady automotive mechanic? Or on the other end of the spectrum, a hair salon that everyone goes to?   Most people are so amped for their first tattoo it’s often an impulse decision and people forget to think about who’s doing the tattoo.  Keep in mind that this tattoo is going to last the rest of your life, and an informed decision is important. Take the time to do your homework and spend the money to get it done right.


Popular Tattoo Designs for 2015

Popular Trends for 2015

Tattoo designs are always evolving every year as designers and artists are constantly pushing the envelope with what can be done on skin. This year is already shaping up to be one of the best years for tattoos ever.


How to Come Up with a Tattoo Idea

Coming up with Great Tattoo Ideas for Your Next Tattoo Design

At some point in our lives, most of us have woken up and said: “I want a tattoo.” My mother even said it to me in her 60’s!

Whether it’s your first tattoo or your next tattoo, coming up with great tattoo ideas can be a challenge. To help you with your creative journey, we’ve put together some helpful tips on incorporating your tattoo ideas into a custom design.

Tattoo Aftercare

How to Take Care of Your Tattoo After Its Complete

So you’ve gotten your sweet piece of art from Custom Tattoo Design, booked an appointment at your local tattoo shop with a great artist and have finally gotten the ink you’ve always dreamed of. Now what?


Designing a Personalized Tattoo Sleeve

A Look into Custom Tattoo Design’s Creative Process

Now more than ever people are becoming extremely liberal about getting tattoos; so much so that full tattoo sleeves are becoming more and more common.   We have all seenstunning tattoo sleeves that we can only dream of having. However, the main issue is coming up with an amazing idea for a sleeve.  In many cases people just want the same tattoo sleeve as someone else because they lack the creativity to come up with an idea of their own.


Why Get a Custom Tattoo Design?

A Must Read Before You Ink!

A common question we get at Custom Tattoo Design is why come to us over a tattoo shop to get your tattoo designed?

There are many benefits to having Custom Tattoo Design create a tattoo for you vs. having one designed at your local shop.