Tips for Taking Care of a New Tattoo

To help ensure your tattoo heals great and looks the way you intended

Getting a new tattoo can be an exciting process. But what many people don’t realize is you don’t walk out of the tattoo shop with nothing more to do. In fact, you need to help your tattoo heal, which can take up to around three weeks. What you do during that time can make a big difference in how the tattoo heals and what it looks like once it does. (more…)

Tips for Getting Word or Phrase Tattoos

People today are getting tattoos that include words, phrases, or even famous quotes

Many people today are getting tattoos that include words, phrases, or even famous quotes. Some people opt for literary tattoos that include a line or two from their favorite book. The possibilities in this area are endless, but there are some tips people should follow in order to ensure a successful outcome. (more…)

Mayan Tattoo Meanings

As one of the only ancient civilizations that created its own writing system, the Mayans were one of the most forward-thinking peoples in history. Aside from their many artistic innovations, they were known for their belief in the mystical, referring to an ‘underworld’ in their art and language. Below, we’ve assembled a Mayan tattoo dictionary, which elaborates on the meaning behind each one of these mysterious designs.


Musical Tattoo Meanings

Music is a universally recognized language speaking to people across many different cultures and generations. For some, music is their livelihood; for others, it is- as Shakespeare called it- “the food of love.” Musical themed tattoos are often an expression of one’s passion for music, whether they’re a musician or a music connoisseur. Below, we’ve compiled a list of suggested musical tattoo meanings. Check them out: you may find inspiration for some of your own tattoo designs!


Hawaiian Tattoo Meanings

In ancient times, the art of tattooing was referred to as ‘kakau’ in Hawaii. Originally done only in black ink, tattooing was a practice that marked religious devotion and passage into adulthood. Since enduring the tattoo needle can be painful, the act symbolized toughness and bravery. Below, we’ve put together a comprehensive list of Hawaiian tattoo meanings. Read on, and discover some of the liveliest tattoo designs in existence!


Clock Tattoo Meanings

Time is something that we all have in common, and it governs the way we exist. When we try to describe time, we find ourselves stumbling, yet we rely on it to go about our daily activities. Clocks are the machines we use to track time, and so it’s no wonder they’re a popular tattoo design. There are several variants of clock designs, which can represent anything from mortality to ancient wisdom. If you’re interested in learning more about the meaning behind clock tattoo designs, check out our list below!


Tribal Tattoo Meanings

Tribal Tattoos were some of the earliest tattoos in human history. In ancient times, tattoos were a functional art form, used to mark tribe membership. In fact, the word tattoo comes from the Polynesian word tatau, which means ‘to mark something.’ These tattoos were also important in ancient medicinal and spiritual rituals, thought to offer unique healing benefits to tribe members.

Bold in design, these tattoos portray varied aspects of tribal life, and often depict animals, nature, or deities central to the tribe. Browse through the list below, and learn more about the meanings behind these special tribal tattoo designs.


Celestial Tattoo Meanings

Stars are a brilliant part of nature that we share with all of our ancestors. For centuries, humans have studied, painted, and admired these radiant celestial bodies. Since the invention of the telescope, we’ve been able to explore our galaxy even further, spotting planets, moons, and comets–even turning some planets back into dwarf planets. Many astronomical tattoo designs are based on ancient symbols representing the components of the solar system. For the star-gazers of you, we’ve compiled a list of stellar celestial tattoo meanings.


Wings Tattoo Meanings

Wings evolved in land and sea creatures alike, and for years they’ve held a special place in religious and mythological texts. An essential component of angels, birds, and bats, wings represent many ideas related to freedom, dreams, and faith. Below, we’ve put together a comprehensive list of wing tattoo designs, explaining the meaning behind each one.


Bird Tattoo Meanings

Mankind has always had a special connection to birds. They symbolize many human values, and we’ve even based ground-breaking inventions, like the airplane, on their body structure. Below, you’ll find a bird tattoo dictionary, which details the meanings behind different kinds of birds. Read on, and be mesmerized by these winged creatures!