Sibling Tattoo Designs

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Siblings: You can’t live with them, and you can’t live without them. Even though you grew up as rivals, your brothers and sisters are some of the most important friends you can have in life. That’s why so many decide to honour their kindred connection with ‘sibling tattoos.’ In this article, we’ve collected a handful of charming stories about brothers’ and sisters’ matching tattoos. Read on, and revel in the sibling love!

Mary-Claire, Twins

There’s no better way to celebrate twinship than getting twin tattoos. Mary-claire and her sister got matching tattoos to remind themselves of one another when they’re apart. Though these sisters are very independent and distinct, they fully embrace their similarities.

Mary-Claire Twin Tattoo

“My twin sister and I have twin tattoos! We embrace our twinship more than anything even though we are extremely independent of one another. She lives in Houston and I live in NYC so we decided we wanted to get something that has meaning. After so many choices, we decided on getting “twin” in morse code on the side of our wrists. We went and had them done together, by Worm, at the tattoo parlor where my dad gets all of his done. It was a fun experience to get done together and we’ve had so many people comment on them since we got them done! It was a good choice.”

Roberta, Loved Ones Lost

Sometimes tattoos can serve as reminders of siblings that you’ve lost. Roberta had a very close relationship with her sister, and her “S” tattoo now honours her memory.

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“When I lost my sister this past February, I lost my business partner and best friend. One of the many things we shared was our Scrubz Sisters tattoo. It was the original “S” from Scrubz intertwined for the Sisters. The flower one I got after Michelle got her first. I loved how it looked and had to have one. I was 44. The S one was my idea. I have since gotten one more, the initials of my 3 kids intertwined on my ankle. I will be getting another to honor my sister’s memory, as well.”

Kings and Queens of Hearts

These four siblings teamed up, and each selected a card suit as a tattoo. Each card symbol represents a distinct personality, but all together, they create a grand whole.

Sibling Tattoos
Sibling Tattoo Designs

The four of us have always been very close. I think it is because we are all so different that our personalities just fit nicely together. One day I was reading an article about the different meanings of the suits in a deck of cards. Each suit has a very specific meaning and I was shocked by how much each suit resembled each one of us. My siblings and I all live in different places now so it is not very often that we are all in the same place. So when the opportunity presented itself, I brought up the idea and without any hesitation we went for it because of how much it meant to all of us to be able to carry our siblings with us while we are separated. From the outside looking in we’re just four ordinary siblings, but on the inside we’re four of a kind. Mike, the spade for his wisdom and old soul. Ashley, the diamond because she can measure value in all things, including people. I, the heart because I find the greatest fulfillment in positive expression, love, compassion, and understanding. Rodman, the club because he loves to learn new things and thrives on communication in all forms.

Alicia & Samantha, Soul Sisters

Alicia and Samantha re-discovered a great connection after years apart. They both came to discover that their sister bond was a great source of support and affirmation in the midst of tough life situations.

“For as long as I can remember, I have been calling my little sister “my moon”. We are two of five and she being the middle child has always been a sort of black sheep. I love her for it. Our dark sides bond us, among many other things. In the last year we have become inseparable. Even with a 4 year age gap. She is the light in dark places. She is beautiful and mysterious. She is the moon.” -Alicia

“Grace is Alicia’s middle name. And for me, Grace means leadership, Grace means elegance and intelligence, it means to soul search and to never stop. That is what I feel she embodies. We got sibling tattoos because we recently found our bond after awhile of not having one and it’s one of the strongest bonds I have in my life right now.” -Samantha

When you spend an entire lifetime alongside a sibling, many highs and lows transform your lives in a deep way. Whether you’re incredibly similar, like Mary-Claire and her twin, or you’ve spent years apart, like Alicia and Samantha, the sibling bond is a powerful one. In the same way that a photograph celebrates memories with your family, sibling tattoos are strong visual reminders of those who you love and trust. If you know of any interesting sibling tattoo stories, let us know about them in the comment section below!