Tattoo Artists; Picking The Right One – Advice From The Tattoo Artist Experts

John Dietrich

4 Tips On Picking The Right Tattoo Artist

To get a tattoo is the ultimate trust test. You are literally giving your body to another person to decorate with ink that in most cases is permanent and will mark you for the rest of your life. And unlike most services, like hairdressers, where you can just grow your hair out again, getting your tattoo removed is not an easy task.

We at Custom Tattoo Design understand the anxiety over picking the right tattoo artist. And have put together a list of questions/topics to guide you when picking your tattoo artist.

1) Qualified – Make sure your tattoo artist is qualified and accredited. Always ask to see their licence. This is probably the most important check mark. If the tattoo artist in question cannot provide their licence or gives you an excuse on why they cannot show it to you, that’s a red flag and a signal that you should not use their services.

2) Experience – Always always always pick an experienced tattoo artist. Remember your tattoo is in most cases permanent. Therefore it is vital that your tattoo be done by someone who is a veteran of their profession. Remember to always ask how many years they have been practicing and where they went for their tattoo schooling.

3) Tattoo Artist Portfolio – Also ask to see their tattoo portfolio, knowing this is always handy since it can further inform your own tattoo design and maybe help you discover a new tattoo idea you may have never thought off.

4) Referrals – To truly understand the type of designs and nature of work that your tattoo artist specializes in, you can ask them for referrals. Other tattoo artists’ recommendations or customer feedback can help you gain insight and assist you in choosing a tattoo artist.

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Author: Lee Roller