Tattoo Designs: Black and Grey vs. Color the Pros and Cons

John Dietrich

Tips on choosing the right type of tattoo design for you.

By Lee Roller

Now that you have made the decision to get your first tattoo design inked, the question becomes now what? Not only are tattoos an expressive and artistic statement, they should coincide with future work, so it’s important to get the process off on the right foot. The decision of what to get is just as essential as where to get it and what color/shading is needed to make the tattoo totally unique.

One of the first and most fundamental questions you may ask yourself is whether to get your tattoo in color or black and grey. Both methods are popular and have their own unique advantages and drawbacks.

Black and grey tattoo designs over time have much less chance of fading, and are classic and timeless. Cost-wise, black and grey tattoos are less money, completed sooner and are not particularly affected by the sun. For darker skin tones, black and grey is easier to see. Finally, black and grey tattoos will never clash with what you’re wearing!

Color tattoo designs really make a statement, and a bright one at that. It is important when choosing colors that you choose ones that complement your skin tone and type. If you like to spend a lot of time in the sun, color tattoos may not be for you as they have a higher likelihood of fading, and start to blend together. From a creative standpoint however, color tattoos allow more room for expression, and are better for covering existing tattoos.

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Author: Lee Roller