The Rise of Tattoos in Popular Culture

John Dietrich

How tattoos went from being taboo to a widely accepted art form

Over the past decade, the tattoo industry has gone through many changes. A few decades ago, you would only find ink on the appendages of prison inmates, gang members and the military. Almost overnight, we have seen an industry that was once scrutinized and seen as socially taboo evolve into a major aspect of popular culture. The real question is: how did our industry enjoy such a rapid rise to the top? Here we look at the progression of our growing, beautiful industry!

One of the best ways to see how far the tattoo design world has come is to go back to 2005. During this time, the idea of getting a tattoo was still frowned upon. The amount of people getting a tattoo was increasing but the industry was still not at the forefront of popular culture. So what changed? Many people attribute this rise to the launch of the hit TV series “Miami Ink”. The reality series followed a famous South Beach tattoo shop mixed with talented artists and compelling stories and managed to attract viewers from all over the world.

The partnership of the legendary tattoo shop with a major television network seemed to be exactly what the tattoo industry needed at the time. Nine years later, the show has enjoyedsix successful seasons being aired over 160 countries. Miami ink connected viewers to the beauty and talent of the tattoo design industry. The show allowed people to understand the idea of a tattoo being a form of personal expression and passion.

Miami Ink’s success led to an onslaught of tattoo shows such as LA Ink and Ink Master. As the shows began to take centre stage, the negative stigma of getting a tattoo began to decline. Tattoo artists featured on the show, such as Megan Massacre and Tommy Montoya, became instant celebrities and pop culture icons like Angelina Jolie and Adam Levine were lining up to get a tattoo from them. A decade later the tattoo industry is booming and continuing to evolve and innovate. The once large prejudice has dramatically reduced thanks to the pioneers at Miami Ink and the other tattoo shops who helped push tattooing into the mainstream through television.

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