Tips for Getting Word or Phrase Tattoos

John Dietrich

People today are getting tattoos that include words, phrases, or even famous quotes

Many people today are getting tattoos that include words, phrases, or even famous quotes. Some people opt for literary tattoos that include a line or two from their favorite book. The possibilities in this area are endless, but there are some tips people should follow in order to ensure a successful outcome.

The last thing you want is a word tattoo that doesn’t turn out the way you had wanted. To help ensure that doesn’t happen, keep these tips in mind:

  • Check the spelling. Making sure that everything is spelled correctly on your tattoo is essential. Be sure to check the spelling and have someone else do it as well. Be sure to also consider capitalization and punctuation if it is needed in a sentence or phrase.

  • Look at the placement. Print the words or phrase, in the font size you are interested in, and cut it out. Use that piece of paper to try placing it in various areas to help determine where the best place for your tattoo will be.

  • Consider experience. Choose a tattoo artist who has experience with word-based tattoos. Sometimes they involve attention to small details, so it is important to match the tattoo with someone skilled in this area.

  • Visibility and changes. As you age, the tattoo may look different as your skin ages and sags. Consider this as you are determining the best route to take. Most people opt for getting a font size that can be read from at least 10 inches away.

  • Match the meaning. Choose a word or phrase tattoo that means something to you. If you have a favorite phrase, quote, or book, you may want to take that route. If it is a long phrase or quote you can always do a portion of it.

Literary tattoos and other word-based tattoos are here to stay. They can be a great way to help honor your favorite words and phrases, as well as to create a unique look. Just be sure to give it some thought first so you are happy with the outcome for years to come!