Wearing Your Heart on Your Sleeve: How Tattoos Relate to Emotions

John Dietrich

Getting a tattoo might be the closest you ever come to actually wearing your emotions on your sleeve. Whether it’s a heart or a skull, each design tells a story, represents a unique perspective, and captures the imagination of the onlooker. While some tattoos have deliberate meanings, others take on new meaning with time.

We wanted to learn more about the emotional process behind getting a tattoo, so we asked people all over the world about their personal stories. We also explored how they felt about their tattoos months and years later down the road. Below, you’ll find a collection of personal accounts, which tell compelling stories about tattoos and fate. Read on, and you may be surprised by how tattoos have impacted people’s lives.

Reading these unique personal accounts, it’s clear that tattoos have the power to transform and guide one’s outlook on life. Whether your design is an important loved one’s saying, like Leigh’s  tattoo, or a line of poetry that really resonates with you, like Amelia’s, tattoos can act as a positive influence on your mindset, and help you to remember what you value. Sometimes, tattoo designs represent obstacles overcome or hardship endured, like Gisela’s lotus flower, which reminds her that she survived an extremely challenging period in her life. In many ways, tattoos mark one’s individuality: they represent love for art, meaningful relationships, personal resilience, and much more. If you have any interesting stories to share, let us know about them in the comments section below!

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