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For better or for worse, you and your soon-to-be spouse have decided to spend your lives together and make it legally official. There’s a lot to think about and a ton of planning involved in a wedding, but one thing that doesn’t have to be complicated it getting a wedding tattoo. We’ve put together a list of the wedding tattoo ideas to get you thinking about your big day, and to help you figure out what kind of tattoo design would work best for your own unique wedding ink. Read on to find out more.

Wedding Band Tattoos – Wedding band tattoos are one tattoo idea where you can use a lot of creativity. Not everyone likes wearing jewellery, and the cost of buying wedding bands can add up, so the alternative could be getting inked instead. There’s always the option of having a simple line making a wedding band, but there’s also the potential to use designs to make up the band, like: a celtic design, script, hearts, your wedding date, or branches.

Hercules Knot Tattoos – Also known as the marriage knot, the Hercules knot is an ancient symbol for a binding rope; it’s the joining of two ends into a single entity. This knot also symbolizes fertility, which could be helpful depending on your plans for the future. The marriage knot can make a good couples tattoo idea which you can get before or after you’re officially married, or you can incorporate the design as a wedding band tattoo design.

King and Queen Tattoos – King and queen tattoos are a popular design choice for men and women, and they can be combined to use as a wedding tattoo. The idea here would be that the two of you are uniting your kingdoms (families) and reigning over them together. You could also get a K and Q on your ring finger instead of a band, symbolizing your commitment to one another if you aren’t fans of wearing traditional wedding bands.

Heart Tattoos – Heart tattoos are a simple and easy tattoo design, and one that’s super common in the tattoo scene. Heart tattoos have a variety of meaning associated with them, so if you want a wedding tattoo that includes heart and has more meaning than simply looking nice, do a bit of research into the different types. You can pretty much anything with a heart tattoo design, especially if you’re looking at wedding tattoo ideas. You could get a heart with your names or wedding date inside, have a heart in which the shape is made up of your wedding date, or a simple heart on your ring finger. While one of the most common tattoo design ideas, hearts can also be one of the most versatile.

Yin and Yang Tattoos – Your spouse is the yin to your yang, so why not commemorate this sentiment by using the idea for a wedding tattoo? You could do this a few different ways, but the one that would work best in terms of wedding tattoo ideas would be to have one side of the yin yang on each of you. The concept of a yin yang is a Chinese philosophy wherein opposing forces combine to make a connected and empowering unit. If you feel that this idea applies to your relationship and your marriage, this could be the perfect wedding tattoo idea for you.

Puzzle Piece Tattoos – Is your spouse the piece that’s been missing in the puzzle of your life? If life feels more complete with them in it, then puzzle pieces might be a great way to go for marriage tattoo ideas. The concept is pretty self explanatory, and gives quite a bit of leeway for creativity. Any combination of puzzle pieces, or locks and keys, can represent this idea, so incorporate elements that each of you like and things you do together to make up a complete design idea.

X and O Tattoos – XO, believe it or not, is a military abbreviation which stands for an exclusive officer. This makes sense when applied to monogamous relationships, especially marriage, because the two of you are exclusive to each other. It’s also a symbol for hugs and kisses, but either way, it works with marriage tattoo ideas, and simple couples tattoo ideas in general.

Infinity Symbol Tattoos – The infinity symbol is a symbol for the infinite, forever, and unending. This can easily be applied to marriage, which is a vow to be with your spouse for the rest of your lives, which makes it ideal for wedding tattoo ideas. You could a simple, minimalist route with the symbol done in linework, or you could add some flare to it but including your names and/or wedding dates to the tattoo design. Infinity symbols can be done in any size, so you need to decide where you want it to go before picking how big you want it to be.

Wedding Date Tattoos – Your wedding day is a day that you’ll remember forever, and chances are you’ll celebrate the anniversary of the day annually. As one of the more important days in your lives, using this date for a wedding tattoo can be an easy, meaningful way to commemorate that. You have a ton of options in terms of how you can use the date in a design, such as: using the date to make a specific shape (like a heart), including the date in an existing matching tattoo that you two have together, or having the date on its own as a simple piece of script work. You also have options in terms of how you want the date presenting, like using roman numerals, mathematical numbers, or words to spell out the day in detail.

There are a number of ways you could go with wedding tattoo ideas, it just comes down to what’s meaningful to the two of you. You could forego the traditional of wearing wedding band jewelry and have a tattoo done in the form of one instead, or you could get matching tattoos that symbolize your bond and relationship. Any tattoo design you choose will hold meaning for you and your spouse, and stand as a permanent symbol of your marriage.

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