Women in Tattooing Spotlight – Ivana

John Dietrich


Ivana has really established her place in the world of tattoos. Living and working out of L.A., Ivana has made multiple appearances at tattoo conventions across the world, and she’s won her fair share of awards. She specializes in a unique kind of watercolour design, taking animals and faces as her primary subjects. She even has a book being published soon, which details her personal experiences as a woman in the tattoo industry. We interviewed Ivana to get some more insight into her life as a tattoo artist.

Q: What is your favorite part of being a tattoo artist?

A: “I feel fortunate to have found my calling so early. I feel like I’ve never had to “work” because I love what I do and find it so fulfilling. I think this is the goal for anyone; find what you would do for free because it brings you joy. When people follow this path, I feel it leads to success. I’m afforded a very comfortable lifestyle, I can travel and always make connections with new people while creating art. You never know when opportunities will be presented when you are in this flow of being. I’ve learned from, and continue to learn from, so many people I encounter. I am in a position now to teach others, through my seminars and writing, so I feel grateful that I can pass along my knowledge to improve other people’s lives.”

Q: What are challenges that you’ve encountered as a woman in the tattoo industry?

A: “Let’s be honest; tattooing is still a very male dominated industry, so I have experienced the challenges that go along with that. I do however, see it changing and women in tattooing are more accepted and celebrated. More and more, it only matters that you are creating your honest vision and executing it with the highest skill. I think this is why I’ve won a lot of international awards. My advice is to keep focused on your craft, seek help, offer help and support each other.”

Q: What are your strengths as a tattoo artist?

A: “My originality and the uniqueness of my style. I often hear clients comment that they have never seen anything like my work before. I have spent many years cultivating this in a way that feels as normal as breathing.”

Q: What’s your funniest experience tattooing a client?

A: “I’m not sure I have one to be honest. In my new coming up book ‘JUST LOVE,’ I describe the relationship I have with my clients. It’s generally a more intense experience, but of course, with my long term clients we share stories and experiences.”

All in all, Ivana enjoys her career as a tattoo artist, and does her best to keep improving her work each and every day. If you’re interested in seeing more of her work, check out her tattoo designs here: @ivanatattooart


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