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John Dietrich

Rie – Miss Rie Tattoo

As a successful tattoo artist who works in her own tattoo studio, Rie is a prime example of a woman who is transforming the tattoo world in a positive way. Working at a studio based in Wales, Rie has a broad range of experience, with a portfolio of work including American Traditional to Trash Polka.

Her level of skill hasn’t gone unnoticed: she was a contestant for E4’s ‘Tattoo Artist of the Year,’ and she has experience creating flash art for tattoo studios. We decided to interview Rie, asking her all about her life as a professional tattoo artist. She discloses to us her favorite parts of the job, as well as challenges that she faces as a woman in the industry.

Q: What is your favorite part of being a tattoo artist?

My favorite part about being a tattoo artist is that I get to draw all day, every day. This is what I wanted all of my life – to get paid to draw. And the fact that I get to draw on skin and have my artwork travel the world is a bonus!

Q: What are challenges that you’ve encountered as woman in the tattoo industry?

I did face some negativity when I was deciding to open my studio, including people telling me not to do it because I would fail. But, my hard work and determination has gotten me through this! Since making it through my first year of professional tattooing, it was onwards and upwards! I have since designed for Flash art distributors, a popular London fashion house, and I was a contestant on E4’s Tattoo Artist of the Year!

Q: What are your strengths as a tattoo artist?

To excel as a tattoo artist, you have to obviously be good at tattooing, but you also need to have very strong people skills. Being able to get on with and relate to your client – these are the foundations for creating a perfect design. These are the traits that I have, and they have helped me excel in my career. Having done my apprenticeship in a male-dominated studio which attracted clients from all walks of life, I had to quickly develop a thick skin and kind of become a bit laddish myself! This has taught me how to deal with all types of clients.

Rie is a prime example of an individual who forged a career out of her main passion: creating art. Though she’s still new in the industry, she has already garnered an impressive list of successes – inside and outside the world of tattoo art. Despite her successes, she has also faced her own personal challenges, which she has taken as learning experiences.


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