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John Dietrich

Sara MacNeil – Throne Room Tattoo

Today, we spoke with Sara MacNeil, a Canadian tattoo artist who works in New Zealand. Sara is a successful artist who works at Throne Room Tattoo, and she took some time to answer some of our questions about her career.

She tells us everything from her funniest experience tattooing a client, to her challenges as a woman in the industry. Read on, and learn all about Sara’s unique experience in the world of tattooing!

Q: What is your favorite part of being a tattoo artist?

I’d have to save my favorite part of being a tattoo artist would have to be bringing people’s ideas to life. When a client of mine comes to me for a piece in my style, I look forward to working with them – sitting down, discussing ideas, and looking through inspiration with them. I feel the connection to my clients is important – especially since we’re probably going to spend a couple hours together!

Q: What are challenges that you’ve encountered as a woman in the tattoo industry?

I feel entering in this industry, like many other industries, everyone has to overcome challenges and struggles, regardless of gender. I’d have to say men and women who are becoming tattoo artists will go through their own challenges – it’s more individual I feel as we all start from somewhere different!

Personally, I’ve worked at shops where I was told my successes were probably because I am a girl. Which made me work even harder in the end, because I wanted it to be very clear that any success I had would be because I work hard – not because I am a girl.

Q: What are your strengths as a tattoo artist?

A strength of mine is recognizing my weaknesses in certain designs and then trying to learn from each piece.

I am strongest as an artist in color Neo-Traditional. I am trying to work on black and grey and other styles. I started out tattooing primarily Traditional – which I feel is a great introduction to how a tattoo will look great for years to come – that’s important to me.

Q: What’s your funniest experience tattooing a client?

Oh gee – that’s a tough question. Funniest experience tattooing a client… one time I was tattooing an older man who I’m positive was stalking me – and showed up to get his leg tattooed wrapped in a towel. I chucked the spare shop shorts at him and told him he had to wear those or else I wouldn’t tattoo him. He followed me when I moved shops, but I’m tattooing in another country now so I’m not too worried! It’s funny looking back at it to think someone just wearing a towel would expect to get tattooed.

Sara is an excellent example of a leading professional in the tattoo industry today. Though she has faced some struggles as a professional woman, she leads with a positive attitude and works hard to build on her talent level. See Sara’s work on her instagram @saramacneiltattoo


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