Read how Kate and her husband went from tattoo design idea to dream tattoo with Custom Tattoo Design's online tattoo design services.

A Family Affair: Kate’s Tattoo Journey with Her Husband

Getting a tattoo, especially a large piece like a half-sleeve, is an incredibly sensitive process. This is a work of art that will be taking up a large part of your body, affecting both how other people see you and how you see yourself. It’s only natural to want to take your time and go through the design process carefully, choosing the right artist and going through a consultation process that will result in the tattoo of your dreams.

That’s what Custom Tattoo Design client Kate C. did when she worked with CTD to design her husband’s half-sleeve tattoo from start to finish. Here, Kate takes us through her thought process, how it was to work with CTD, and her husband’s feelings on the final result. Read on to see what Kate had to say.

The Tattoo Design Process

Most people come into the design process with a vague, half-formed idea of what they want their tattoo to look like and to represent. Our role at Custom Tattoo Design is to help you turn your rough idea into a beautiful tattoo design. All you need is to give us a general feel for the tattoo size, placement, and complexity you’re looking for, and then our team can get started on creating the tattoo that will meet all of your needs.

First, our art director will match you to one of our talented, experienced artists, creating a fit between their area of expertise and your intended tattoo style. That’s when the process gets really exciting!

Plus, you don’t have to worry about waiting around for too long. As Kate tells us, “We were very impressed with the process, we were responded to almost immediately and put in touch with
our tattoo artist Dhruva, who contacted us the following day.”

You’ll be able to communicate with your matched artist one-on-one through our custom-built chat platform and work together to create your unique, one-of-a-kind design. You can tell them whatever it is that you think will help them create the perfect tattoo for you, whether that’s a general vibe, a specific design detail, or inspiration photos.

Our artists are masters at helping turn your ideas into realities. “Dhruva responded quickly and was very professional. I sent our ideas and some example pictures through and Dhruva created an amazing design within days,” says Kate.

In our design process, your satisfaction is our number one priority. Once you submit all of your ideas, thoughts, and inspiration photos to your artist, they’ll create the first draft. From there, you can request changes – as many times as you need – until you’re happy with the final result. Plus, when you approve and pay for your design, you own it and all of the rights associated with it.

Why Go Custom?

There’s no denying that getting a custom tattoo design is a bit more costly than choosing a design from a tattoo artist’s flash sheet or pulling a pre-existing tattoo idea from the internet. Yet, going custom is the only way to ensure you’ll be able to get exactly the tattoo result you want. And when it comes to the artwork that will live permanently on your body, cost-cutting probably shouldn’t be your first priority. If it is, you might want to take some time and save up some money before getting your tattoo.

Kate’s experience reflects the difficulty of not being able to find an artist who can bring your vision to life, explaining, ”We had previously gone to a few local tattoo artists and they weren’t interested in helping us come up with the concept of my husband’s sleeve tattoo, which was frustrating.”

But at Custom Tattoo Design, our goal is to connect artists with tattoo customers in order to collaboratively create a tattoo design that reflects exactly what inspires you. We put the control in your hands, making sure that the design is customized specifically to you.

This not being Kate’s husband’s first tattoo, Kate was able to compare her experience with CTD to previous tattoo design experiences, noting that, “We found the tattoo artists at the studios we visited did not want to spend the time coming up with the design, or struggled to execute our vision. Dhruva at Custom Tattoo Design understood our idea almost immediately and came up with a design better than we could have envisioned.”

The Tattoo

Fishing, Moon, and Manchester Tattoo Design

We strongly believe that the custom tattoo design process is the best way to go for complex, personal pieces that are meant to represent something special to you. And that was exactly the case for Kate’s husband’s tattoo, which has a meaning very close to her marriage, family, and husband’s personal interests.

Kate explained the tattoo design and meaning, saying, “The base of the tattoo is a lake, which represents our son’s name (Lochlann, which is Irish for ‘land of lakes’), the fishing father and son represents my husband fishing with his father when he was younger, the stars represent the ‘starry plough’ which represents the Irish citizen army, the London lamppost represents my husband and I meeting in London and our favourite song and the Manchester United crest is because my husband is a big Man U fan.”

Manchester Half Sleeve

Once the design was completed, Kate took it to SuperQueen Tattoo Studio in London, where “the tattoo artist was impressed with the design and executed it perfectly over three sessions.”

And how does Kate’s husband feel about his new, custom tattoo? “He is very happy with the final result,” Kate reports.

If you want to go through our custom tattoo design process in order to create a tattoo that you’ll be thrilled with, too, submit your tattoo idea here to be matched with an artist and get started on your own custom tattoo design!

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