A tattoo is a personal journey and working with Custom Tattoo Design allowed Jai to bring his tattoo idea to life.

Angels and Demons: Cracking the Code of Jai’s Tattoo Journey

Back tattoos offer an amazing canvas for a custom tattoo design, especially when you are looking to add realistic pieces that require fine details. Jai came to us with a very detailed vision of the story he hoped to tell with his back tattoo. With the design idea in hand, he submitted his form and we got to work.

Why Go Custom?

Jai had this tattoo idea floating around in his head for the last few years. He stumbled upon Custom Tattoo Design and decided to give our team a shot. Jai knew that his design was going to involve a number of specific details, which meant he really wanted to get the layout and composition perfect before getting inked.

This is an incredibly important step in the tattoo design process. Whenever you are looking for a unique and original design getting the composition just right can make all the difference in the finished project. Our design team will work with your requests and do our best to make sure each design is created with the intention it will look great when tattooed. In Jai’s case, he had an existing kanji tattoo from his neck to the top-middle part of his back. It’s important to consider these existing tattoos and decide if they should be incorporated into new designs or covered up (when possible).

One benefit of working with our design team is the ability to communicate directly with your specific artist and make as many revisions as you’d like until your design is perfect. There’s no pressure to finish up your work until you are satisfied.

Jai sent in his design idea with a lot of care and precision, as well as some great example artwork. As soon as the design team saw what he was looking for, we knew we had the artist who could bring Jai’s idea to life. All of our artist’s have different skill sets and favorite tattoo styles. We team up our designers with your specific needs, ensuring you get a tattoo design that matches your unique style.

“I asked for the Angel to be holding a dove and the Demon to be holding a flame. My main request for the demon wing was to make it look more like a ‘fallen-angel’. Not only did my artist deliver but he made my vision of the entire tattoo come to life. From the realistic Angel and Demon, to the Angel wing and fallen-angel wing, and even the smallest things like the symbolism on their shoulders placed to represent a variation of the Yin and Yang.”

After a few iterations, Jai was ready to finalize his design and take it to a shop to get tattooed.

The Tattoo

“I couldn’t be more grateful to my artist Zlatko and the entire team at Custom Tattoo Design for making this happen”.

After getting his design completed, Jai took the work to @khantat2 who was able to beautifully bring the design to life. It’s important to find a tattoo artist who also specializes in your chosen tattoo style. This is increasingly important when you are working with realism. The fine details that make a tattoo pop can also bunch up and fade quickly if not done properly.

“The piece has incredible detail and after about 20 hours in the studio I finally have the ink I’ve been wanting since I was 17.”

Knowing how you want your design to look is one thing, getting to see it designed and brought to life is another. We were thrilled that Jai came to us for his tattoo design and excited for bringing his ideas to life.

“I’m beyond joy with my finished piece and in time, I’ll definitely be back for another custom tattoo design. Honestly. Thank you so much.”

Three Quarter view of Fallen Angel Tattoo on Man's Back

You are very welcome, Jai!

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