Post Pandemic Tattoo Planning

During the height of the Coronavirus pandemic, the word “essential” became a refrain we heard all of the time. Anything that wasn’t capable of being described with it got pushed aside as the public sphere struggled to function at the bare minimum level in order to limit the risk of spreading the virus. People sitting at home for months on end, unable to get a haircut or even see their families, it’s no surprise that the tattoo industry took a big hit.

After all, even those of us who live and breathe tattooing as a meaningful form of self-expression and a lifestyle can recognize that getting new tattoos isn’t necessary in an emergency situation. It may have been disappointing for people who were excited to get new tattoos in 2020, but it made sense.

But now, hope is on the horizon. With new health guidelines and millions of people receiving the COVID-19 vaccine every day, we’re starting to see our friends and families. We’re starting to get haircuts. And, most excitingly of all, tattoo shops are opening up and taking clients again.

So if you’re one of the many people who has just been itching to get a new tattoo this past year, here is what you can expect when you finally get to make the exciting first “post-pandemic” trip to the tattoo studio.