Tattoo Care

A tattoo worth getting is worth protecting so make sure you are doing everything to keep your tattoo looking great. Our tattoo care blogs will look at how you can protect your tattoo from sun, sweat, and everything in between.

Tamriel X

I decided to plan out my sleeve for my first tattoo, I ended up taking some time and investing in a custom design that no one had seen before, I clipped a few images and had a small idea of the theme, and I gave it to my artist (Jesus) at custom tattoo design, it took around a week. But when I saw the first draft I lost my mind, it was AMAZING WORK! I've never been happier, the tattoo artist got the copy of the drawing via email and stenciled it directly on my arm.. fantastic work, would recommend 100% if you want next level design.. As a side note they also have fantastic customer service, and deal with any issues in house, hope to see you guys again

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