Geometry is more than just math, it involves the entire universe. Shapes make up everything we know in the tangible world, and more recently, sacred geometry has fused with tattooing to create a style...

How to Design Geometric Tattoos: A Look into Sacred Geometry

Geometry is more than just math, it involves the entire universe. Shapes make up everything we know in the tangible world, and more recently, sacred geometry has fused with tattooing to create a style of tattoo that’s quickly rising in popularity. Geometric tattooing isn’t the latest style to hit mainstream tattooing, but it might have the most meaning behind it. We looked into what, exactly, sacred geometry is, how to incorporate it into your tattoo design, and the key elements that make a design a geometric one. Read on to find out more about sacred geometry in tattooing.

What is Sacred Geometry?

According to Turkish tattoo artist Denizhan Ozkr, “Sacred geometry can be defined as a complex system that includes form, space and time. Geometric designs come out with the connections made with those structures, observations made on them and feelings through them. We don’t always see geometry. We can feel it, find it, get surprised with it and have fun with it”.

Denizhan Half Sleeve Geometric Tattoo

There’s quite a rich history behind the geometric style and its patterns. Denizhan explains that geometry has existed even before humans, which can be seen in “The repetition of the sun rising, the orbit of Mercury, the leaves of a flower, the molecules of DNA, they all take geometry into our lives and minds. The base, the simplest, the beginning [all] contains geometry”. The style is also heavily rooted in mathematics, “Maths and systems love to create geometric shapes. We can see the examples in history, such [as] the tree of life symbols in Göbeklitepe, the rectangular shape of Parthenon temple in Athens, etc. The buildings…we live in, the sun, the planets, the photos, they are all in geometric shapes”.

As a tattoo style, sacred geometry gained huge popularity in 2012. Denizhan believes this is no coincidence; that there’s a major spiritual connection to this timing:

It was a year that was believed to start and end a period at the same time. Some spiritual opinions believed it was the end of a time, a calendar. It [was] also [the] beginning [of] the Age of Aquarius. The new generation born into this age had the [mindset] that takes action for [the] whole, not [for] oneself, and this made the world question the system, be aware of the whole, and enlightened us [that we are just] the pieces of a whole. We started to look at the bigger picture, [rather] than focusing on a detail.

This is what geometric tattooing is fundamentally about – taking the smallest details and using those individual elements to create a bigger picture as a whole. There are many different meanings to geometric tattoos, and several ways to utilize these designs to make up a tattoo that’s unique to you.

Key Elements of Geometric Design

Geometric tattoos are easily identified on first glance no matter what their specific patterns are. As Denizhan explains, “It’s all about…the forms, dimensions, vision and perception”. These designs are usually minimal or simple, and typically include a repeating design. A geometric tattoo will always, obviously, involve a geometric shape of some kind. That’s really all that’s needed for a tattoo design to be considered geometric.

These shapes can be a clear component of the design, can be used as a frame or outline for the main image, or it can be part of a complex series of lines and shapes that form a complicated, ongoing image, like what you see in mandala tattoos. There are no real rules for geometric tattooing, so there’s a lot of room for creativity in coming up with your design.

Where to Start with Your Design

Heart Tattoo in Geometric Style

Try not to overthink when you’re coming up with a geometric tattoo design idea. Denizhan believes that the simplicity behind geometric tattoos is what makes them so appealing, “Geometric designs started to take more place in our lives with simplicity and minimalism. With those trends we got rid of chaotic things, and got interested in the simplest and clearest way we can express ourselves”. This style is the opposite of something chaotic like Trash Polka, so less is always more with sacred geometry. Think of a feeling you want to express with your tattoo, and your chosen artist can take it from there.

You can take inspiration for a geometric pattern design from literally anywhere, because it’s present in everything. You may simply like the look of a certain geometric design, but there’s always a deeper meaning behind it, as Denizhan explains, “It’s something that is believed to keep the knowledge of the universe in it. It’s something that scientists try to explain with mathematics and only can prove it [through] the dimensions we can perceive. But always has more behind it. We can see it through nature, DNA, Universe. etc. Geometric tattooing uses this knowledge to create, repeat and remake designs”. Remaking is key here, because it proves that there’s no rulebook to go by when you’re expressing your creativity through body art with this tattoo style.

Things to Consider with Geometric Tattoos

Geometric Cat Tattoo

Sacred geometry can be used to make up an entire design, or it can be used alongside other styles to finish or connect designs. Denizhan prefers to “…use geometric shapes to attach my designs to the skin, to get rid of clear outlines, to get a feeling of infinity, and, mostly, to make designs that repeat”. If you want a larger tattoo in this style, keep in mind that repetition is an important component, so choose a shape that you like looking at, or that resonates with you on a spiritual level.

Geometric tattoo designs can be any shape, go anywhere on your body, and can be combined with any other style to create a one of a kind design that you’re guaranteed to love for life. There are no limitations to sacred geometry, quite the opposite, so the key with this kind of design is expressing yourself through the forms you choose for inking. The possibilities are endless, so don’t be afraid to think outside the literal and figurative box when you’re thinking of an idea for your next geometric tattoo.

Most Popular Geometric Designs

There are some geometric designs that tend to crop up more than others, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get a design made that’s completely unique. More often than not, designs that incorporate sacred geometry include mandalas, especially sleeves in that style, because it allows for that concept of infinity. The ‘flower of life’ is a starting point for a huge number of geometric tattoos, and the influence of this specific design can be seen in a lot of geometric pattern tattoos, if you know what to look for. Another big trend currently is a geometric shape, commonly a diamond, framing a whole scene within it, like a photograph. This is a much more complex design than geometric tattoos would typically be, combining illustration with geometry, but it’s a growing trend in mainstream tattooing.

Sacred geometry as a tattoo style is far from the latest trend. Geometry has been present and significant since time immemorial, and even ancient peoples recognized its spiritual significance. It’s become trendy to have a geometric pattern tattoo because it looks cool, but there’s also most always a deeper meaning behind the shapes and forms that are used to create the whole image shown in the tattoo design, even if you aren’t always aware of it.

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