Check out the top trends and ideas of tattoos for women and get yourself ready for 2021.  We're looking at the top styles, design ideas, and locations for women looking to get a tattoo.

Tattoo Ideas for Women in 2021

As tattoos grow in popularity year after year, they’re becoming a staple of women’s style, offering a creative and permanent way for women to visually express themselves. While tattoos are a very personal thing with endless flexibility, able to be customized to the taste of the person who gets it, there are certainly some tattoo styles, designs, and locations that are particularly popular among women. If you’re looking for inspiration and ideas for your next tattoo, this article is for you.

Popular Women's Tattoo Designs

When it comes to tattoo designs, anything that you can think of can be turned into a tattoo. The sky is truly the limit when it comes to this expressive art form. That being said, there are certain popular tattoo designs for women that can be a good jumping-off point to consider when brainstorming ideas for your own tattoo. Here are just a few.

Flower Tattoo Ideas

Flower Tattoo on a Woman's Rib


Flowers are an incredibly popular tattoo for all people, but women tend to particularly favor this design for its innate beauty. Flowers also offer quite a bit of flexibility which women tend to like. You can get one flower or an entire bouquet, an entire sleeve of flowers or a little delicate blossom, and so on. Plus, there is nearly an endless list of different flower species women can get tattoos of, with each having its own potential unique meaning and beauty.

Quote Tattoos Popular with Women

Dreams Quote Tattoo on a Women's Shoulder


Many women prefer to get tattoos that have a particular meaning to them, often as a reminder of a specific idea or thought. That’s why quote tattoos are so popular as they can directly and distinctly get across a specific message. If there is a phrase or quote that you want to live by and carry with you forever, immortalizing it on your body in a tattoo is a great way to do so.

Some popular quotes for women’s tattoos include:

  • She believed she could so she did
  • Dreams are our escape from reality…
  • This too shall pass
  • No rain, no flowers
  • Though she be but little she is fierce

Animal Tattoos

Another popular design for tattoos that women tend to get is an animal tattoo. Like with flowers, these tattoos are tremendously popular because of their inherent flexibility, allowing the wearer to choose an animal that speaks to them and who they are. From photorealistic tiger heads to cute little Hello Kittys, animal tattoos are a great way for women to express themselves.

Some popular animal tattoos that women often get include birds, butterflies, bumblebees, lions, and fish. You may want to choose your animal tattoo based on what you think looks best or what symbolizes something to you. For example, many women like to get tattoos of birds as a symbol of freedom.

Wing Tattoos for Women

Wings with a Halo

Speaking of freedom, one tattoo design that has a high popularity among women is the wing tattoo, which can be associated with various meanings including faith, spirituality, freedom, or the memory of a loved one who passed away. Many women get wings tattooed on their back, though they are also popular in other locations as well.

Celestial Tattoo Designs for Women

Celestial Polar Tattoo

Another tattoo design that is commonly popular with women is the various types of celestial tattoos, including the moon, sun, and stars. Some women like to get a tattoo of a specific constellation, such as the one related to their zodiac sign. Others choose a tattoo that shows the different phases of the moon. Another great celestial tattoo idea is getting a sun and moon next to each other or each on the same body part, like a sun on one ankle and a moon on the other. All of these tattoo ideas are not only beautiful and timeless, but they also carry meaningful associations of nature, light, and the universe.

Heart Tattoo Designs for Women

Anatomical Heart Tattoo Design

It may seem like a cliche, but many women do love to get heart tattoos. After all, these are a classic, timeless design that represents love, which all of us want in our lives. Whether you get it as a reminder of your love for yourself or go the classic route and get a heart tattoo with “Mom” written inside of it, there are many different ways to make this tattoo design special for you, even if it is a highly popular one.

Dreamcatcher Tattoos

Lilly Dreamcatcher Tattoo Drawing

One more tattoo design that can be commonly found on women is the dreamcatcher, which has the advantage of looking great in many different tattooing styles. Women often get dreamcatcher tattoos to represent protection, safety, positivity, and luck. This one is commonly located on the back, thigh, and arm.

Popular Tattoo Locations for Women

Generally speaking, women get tattoos all over their bodies, literally from head to toe. However, there are certain tattoo locations that are more popular with women than men. These include the following:

The Rib Cage

Getting a tattoo on the side of the torso is a popular spot for women, particularly if they want to be able to easily hide their tattoo. Much of the time, women get rib cage tattoos on a spot that would be covered with a bra.

Inside or Behind the Ear

A unique and pretty tattoo placement, getting a tattoo inside or behind the ear is a great way to complement ear piercings. This tattoo location is especially well-suited for small, delicate tattoos like the woman symbol or a heart.

Along the Upper Shoulder

This tattoo location is another one that is popular among women, particularly because of its ability to highlight a delicate and beautiful feature of the female body that many women like to show off: the collar bone.

Back of the Neck

Women also tend to like a tattoo placement on the back of the neck. This allows the tattoo to be easily covered by long hair when worn down or shown off by pulling the hair into a ponytail or bun.

The Inner Wrist

If you want your tattoo to be easily available for you to look at, one great location that many women often go with is the inner wrist. This makes it easy for you to both show the tattoo off to the world and look at it often yourself.

Below or Between Breasts

A good tattoo artist knows how to place a tattoo to complement the lines of your figure, and that’s why many women often get tattoos that follow the line of their breasts. Whether it’s between or under the breasts, this tattoo placement is uniquely feminine and sensual.

Most Popular Tattoo Styles for Women

Among the various tattoo styles that have been developed over the years, there are certain ones that have particularly high popularity with women tattoo lovers. Here are just a few tattoo styles that look great on the female body.

Watercolor Tattoos

Watercolor tattoos are a fairly new style that has exploded in popularity in recent years. This tattoo style looks exactly like it sounds – as though it were painted on in watercolor. Delicate, feminine, and colorful, this tattoo style is a favorite of women. Often, those who get watercolor tattoos prefer to use it as a background for a particular design like a quote or symbol.

Delicate Line Work

Another tattoo style that is especially popular recently that women tend to like is the delicate line work tattoo, often done with just a single needle. These tattoos are fine, small, and highly detailed, and they go great with designs like animals and flowers.

Monotone Tattoos

While many women do like to get colorful tattoos, there are also many who prefer to keep things monotone and simple by getting black tattoos. Some also get creative by having their tattoo designs inked in red or white, which can give a relatively simple tattoo idea a unique twist that makes it stand out or, as is the case for white ink tattoos, nearly blend in with the skin.

Geometric Designs

One newer tattoo style that is growing in popularity amongst women is the geometric tattoo, which uses shapes, dots, straight lines, and sharp angles to create a cool and impactful effect. These tattoos look great on their own or combined with other tattoo styles like realistic tattoos. Imagine a realistic fox with a geometric background. Many women love the symmetry and futuristic vibe of this style of tattoo.

Ultimately, there is no right or wrong way to get tattooed as a woman. If you love the ideas listed on this page and want to run out and get a watercolor dreamcatcher tattoo on the back of your neck, that’s wonderful! And if you don’t connect with any of the most popular women’s tattoo choices and instead want to get a full blackwork sleeve, that’s great, too! The most important thing is that you choose a tattoo that you love and will be happy to have on your body for the rest of your life.

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