Coffee is the lifeblood of many adults, to the point where some people want to ink their love of java onto their bodies. Don’t believe us? Just look at the numbers! 50% of Americans enjoy a cup of joe...

11 Damn Fine Coffee Tattoos

Coffee is the lifeblood of many adults, to the point where some people want to ink their love of java onto their bodies. Don’t believe us? Just look at the numbers! 50% of Americans enjoy a cup of joe, with the average person in the US drinking 3.1 cups of coffee a day. If you love coffee, and you’ve been wondering what your next tattoo design should be, take some ideas from these 11 coffee tattoos.

True Love

Minimal Coffee Tattoo Design

Coffee is the one true love for this person, and frankly, we get it. A good cup of java is the perfect way to start the day, but this coffee fanatic has taken it to the next level. The splash of purple makes this simple coffee design really pop.

Stylized Joe

Stylized Coffee Tattoo Design

Part tribal, part stylized font, this coffee tattoo is one of the simpler designs on the list. There’s no question as to what this person really loves, especially when the word is spelled right out above the cup!

Coffee With A Side Of Glam

Minimalist Coffee Tattoo Design

We love this minimalist coffee tattoo design. It’s just a woman enjoying a cup of coffee, but it has some serious Audrey Hepburn overtones with the oversized sunglasses. This woman’s mole adds to the tattoo’s vintage feel, oddly enough, so it’s a great spot to have chosen to get that particular design done.

Hello Darkness, My Old Friend

Darkness Coffee Cup Design

The dark side of coffee addiction. We’re loving this realistic coffee pot with the skull inside. It’s so ominous, and adding in the classic Simon and Garfunkel lyric makes this one kick ass coffee tattoo.

Put A Ring On It

Ring of Coffee Tattoo Design

Not the best part of drinking a cup of joe, but something that always seems to happen; that damn coffee ring that lingers on the table after you’ve picked up your cup. The cartoony, 3D coffee ring with the additional splash beside it is an awesome and super unique design for a java tattoo.

Humble Origins

Coffee Bean Tattoo Design

There is no coffee without the bean, and this coffee fan goes right to the source with their appreciation. This super realistic, 3D tattoo is impressive – it looks like there’s an actual coffee bean sitting on this person’s arm. The shading and coloring is perfect – we’re digging this tattoo design.

Joe On The Go

Skateboarding Coffee Cup

That’s one angry Joe that’s clearly got somewhere to go! The cartoon coffee on a skateboard is one of the most unique designs we came across – this looks like it could be a cartoon character on a TV show! So many questions here…where is he going? Why is he so angry? Where did he get that skateboard? We may never know the answers.

To Go, Please

Takeout Coffee Cup

A major ode to takeout coffee! This illustrative, pop-art style design is truly a one of a kind tattoo. The small details are really what make it great – the coffee bean sitting in the flower, the steam cascading down the cup. You look at this tattoo and feel only positive things about java.

Watercolor Java

Coffee Tattoo with Watercolor Styling

There’s a very Mad Hatter kind of feel to this coffee tattoo design. The cup looks like it’s on the verge of falling over and spilling, and the colors add a whimsical element to what is really a pretty simple tattoo. We wouldn’t be surprised to learn that this is an Alice in Wonderland inspired design.

Abstract Portafilter

Coffee Press Tattoo

We can’t get enough of this abstract blackwork portafilter tattoo. It seems so simple, yet there’s so much to look at! It perfectly emulates the brewing of espresso right into the waiting cup, and the abstract designs floating around it could be the excitement of the person waiting for that amazing java.

We All Float

IT Coffee Tattoo Design

Two great things in one – coffee, and Stephen King’s IT. It’s raining, and Georgie’s paper boat is floating on top of the coffee. This isn’t a recent tattoo (the date on the post is 2012) but it fits so well with the current popularity of the new IT movie that we had to include it here. It’s a simple, and incredible design, with a great homage behind it.

There’s no shortage of ways to show your love of coffee through the art of tattooing. If you love coffee so much that you want to show it off with some ink, these 11 designs could give you some serious inspiration!

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