Tattoo trends are constantly changing, with new ones popping up and old ones re-circulating in the tattoo space every few years. We wanted to find out what some current trends in tattoos look like aro...

2019 Tattoo Trends in Different Parts of the World

Tattoo trends are constantly changing, with new ones popping up and old ones re-circulating in the tattoo space every few years. We wanted to find out what some current trends in tattoos look like around the world, so we reached out to our readers. By conducting a survey, we learned what kinds of tattoo design ideas are popular and where in the world to find them. We’re specifically looking at trends or fads, not cultural practices, so things like ancestral or cultural tattooing isn’t included here.

Canadian Tattoo Trends

According to our survey results, it looks like mandalas are the latest tattoo trend to take over Canada. Mandala’s can make for an extremely versatile tattoo design because they can be personalized in a ton of different ways. Depending on the theme you want your tattoo to have, if any, you can add any sort of detail to tailor it to your likes, or keep it simple with linework. Mandalas aren’t typically a simple design, but if you want something trendy that has the potential for longevity in terms of design fads, a mandala could be a good option for you.

American Tattoo Trends

There are a number of tattoo trends on the scene in the United States right now, so you have quite a few options if you’re looking to jump on the trendy tattoo bandwagon. The latest big trend in tattoo designs, though, looks like it would have to be outline, or simplistic, tattoos. It doesn’t take a large, intricate design to get a message across, which is why more and more have chosen to go the minimalist route for their tattoos, which although simple, can provide lots of meaning. Outline tattoos can be used in any type of design, such as the always popular florals, animals, or abstract tattoos. For those of you who are seeking a simple yet visually impactful tattoo design, consider an outline tattoo.

Netherlander Tattoo Trends

Tattoos design choices in the Netherlands are starting to reflect some of the classic designs seen all over North America, especially in the US. Neo Traditional tattoos are on the rise on this European country, which makes these kinds of tattoos the latest trend to hit the Dutch tattoo-sphere. Repondants to our survey indicated that they’ve seen a significant uprise in such tattoos, so if you’re in the Netherlands and want a tattoo that’s both trendy and will stay that way for the long haul, Neo Traditional might be your best bet.

Ecuadorian Tattoo Trends

Ecuador has more recently started to adopt tattooing as a form of artistic expression. The current trend happening there in terms of tattoo designs seems to be Traditional, according to our survey replies. It’s not just the classic American style that’s blowing up the Ecuadorian tattoo scene, though – most recently, comic tattoos have been spotted more and more in tattoo design choices throughout the country. With the massive popularity of the Marvel franchise, it’s not hard to see why this could be the case.

German Tattoo Trends

Tattoos have been present in Germany for decades, but it’s only more recently that it’s started to become a more mainstream form of art. Our survey showed that the addition of more color to tattoos looks like it’s becoming a trend, as well as that of glow in the dark tattoos. If you’re curious about specific designs that the German people are gravitating toward at the moment, then clocks and anchors seem to be the most recent design trend. This is especially true if you look at the one tattoo style that originated famously in Germany, Trash Polka tattoos – clocks are a popular staple in these kinds of designs, so it makes sense to start seeing them branch out into other tattoo styles as well.

Portuguese Tattoo Trends

Portugal hasn’t always had a huge tattoo scene, but with the global rise of the artform, it’s inescapable that the Portguese people would embrace this form of self-expression. The top design choice in the country as of late is apparently large black and grey abstract designs. This is a more general tattoo “trend”, as it’s really more of a tattoo style, but in a country where tattoos are just beginning to grow in popularity, sticking to the basics and more versatile style options is a starting point.

Australian Tattoo Trends

Tattoos are gaining popularity in Australia outside of culturally traditional ink. According to our survey, tattoo sleeves in particular are becoming more popular in the land down under. Designing a Tattoo sleeve is a big commitment, so if you’re new to tattoos, or aren’t 100% sure on a design option, consider starting with a small design. You always have the option of expanding from that first piece and creating a sleeve of your own over time.

There’s always something different happening in the tattoo world, and that applies to design trends more than anything. What’s popular at any given time and in any given country fluctuates and rotates, so it’s hard to know what the next big thing in tattoos will be in a year. The best way to avoid tattoo regret is to stay away from temporary fads and get something that’s meaningful to you – even if it’s simply a work of art that you like.

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