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Custom Tattoo Design is the world leader in tattoo designs, turning dream tattoo ideas into a reality. Our team of artist’s work with people and businesses around the world creating one-of-a-kind tattoo designs.

The tattoo industry is booming and Custom Tattoo Design is leading the way in how artists and customers are connected.

The Problem

Getting a tattoo is an uncomfortable process and that’s before you start getting inked. Tattoo shops involve non-refundable deposits, incomplete design drafts, and at the end of the process, the tattoo shop owns the rights to your design. For first-timers it’s uncomfortable and for seasoned tattoo lovers, it can be obnoxious. When you start hearing how many people end up with a design they don’t love, you know there’s a problem to be solved.

The Solution

Custom Tattoo Design makes it easy for anyone to get the exact tattoo design they want. With professional artist’s, unlimited revisions, a money-back guarantee , and full ownership of your final design, our customers get something no tattoo shop currently offers, peace of mind.

A tattoo design from our team is something you will be proud to show off for a lifetime.

How it Works

Our process is simple: Submit an idea. Work with an artist. Get your dream tattoo.

How it Works

Reasons to Invest

We’ve spent the last few years building our team, our systems, and our market share which positioning us in an opportune spot to really push our growth. We’ve also identified ways to convert existing marketing spend and traffic into new revenue streams to help drive this growth.

  • Receive over 150,000 monthly unique visits to our website
  • Expansion into new markets has already begun
  • Highly automated service allowing for rapid growth
  • Low competition
  • Customers love our service

Business Model

Custom Tattoo Design connects people who are looking for a tattoo design with a professional artist. We built a custom platform to facilitate communication, build trust, and ensure customers are treated well by all of the artist’s in our system.


Our customers find us through our targeted SEO efforts as well as paid ads. They share their ideas about what they want designed, put down their deposit, and get assigned to an artist who will work on their design until they are absolutely 100% satisfied.


Many of our artists have been a part of our team for more than five years. They and any new artist’s that we bring on board, go through a training program to ensure that their design expertise translates into tattoo design skills.

Our Role

Our core internal team focuses on attracting new clients, ensuring customers are being treated well by their artist, and managing all payments.


Additional Revenue Streams

More than just Tattoos: Bringing the tattoo aesthetic to new areas

We’ve specialized in ensuring our artist’s truly capture the design aesthetic that tattoos offer. It’s special. It has a rich history. And it’s gorgeous. As tattoos continue to turn mainstream, we’ve found opportunities to grow in a few key areas.

Helping People Connect with Tattoo Artists

When customers come to our site, they are blown away with the quality of art they receive, but the next step of the process involves finding a capable artist to update ink their design. Tattoo Connect, the latest addition to the Custom Tattoo Design family, is a mobile app, connecting these eager customers to local tattoo shops in just a few clicks.

Bringing the Tattoo Aesthetic to Businesses

Tattoos are awesome. And businesses are reaching out with the hopes of bringing this unique style to their products. We’ve been expanding our tattoo design services beyond the personal and into the professional. Over the past year, our team of designers have worked on projects that include custom embroidery, video games, snowboards, vehicle wraps and more. These additional revenue streams have huge potential and we’ve spent the last year implementing changes to our system to handle these different types of clients.

Video Games

Since 2017, we’ve worked with AAA game studios to provide more realistic tattoo designs to their games. Most notably, we’ve worked with an extremely popular basketball franchise revamping their entire tattoo catalogue. As video games continue to grow in popularity, there are more opportunities for tattoo designs in games. Because of our digital art focus we are a perfect fit for organizations looking to add more realistic tattoos into their games.

Car Wraps

Car wraps are a great way for people and brands to showcase their style. As the technology for car wraps gets better, the designs are able to get more and more complex. We’ve been approached by multiple car wrap companies who are looking for a team who can quickly product high quality art for their customers and we’ve been able to fill that gap.


We’ve helped launch clothing brands who were looking to give their clothing the tattoo aesthetic. Our team of artist’s have been able to give t-shirts and even suit jackets designs that pop.

Snowboard and Surfboard Design

Snowboards, skateboards, and surfboards have always had a flair for design. We’ve worked with board building companies like Burton to create truly unique designs for professionals and amateur enthusiasts to proudly show off.

We need your help to bring more tattoo designs into the world

We are poised for growth, but we need your help to make our tattoo dreams a reality.

Your investment will help bring about a new era of Custom Tattoo Design focused on creating more opportunities for artists and customers to connect. With new revenue streams, new products, and a great team, your investment in Custom Tattoo Design will provide massive growth.

Why invest?

  • Custom Tattoo Design has consistently generated revenue of over $1,000,000 dollars for the past three years.
  • We have a growing business to business market for tattoo designs and are on the cusp of launching a new data driven app that produces more revenue from existing customers.
  • Our process is highly automated and continues. Technical improvements continue to lower overhead costs.
  • We consistently drive over 150,000 monthly new users to our website.
  • The tattoo industry is continuing to grow and gain mainstream popularity.

Thank you for your time.

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