Derived from the Latin word, ‘angelus,’ the word ‘angel’ originally translated to ‘messenger of god.’ Typically, angel figures are related to one’s spirituality. But, they can also represent earthly s...

Angel Tattoo Design Meanings and Symbols Explained

Derived from the Latin word, ‘angelus,’ the word ‘angel’ originally translated to ‘messenger of god.’ Typically, angel figures are related to one’s spirituality. But, they can also represent earthly sentiments, like romantic love, wrath, and doubt. Below, we’ve compiled an angel-themed tattoo design dictionary. Read on, and learn about the meanings behind these radiant designs!

Angel Tattoo Design Meanings

Angel Wings Tattoo Designs:

Angel wings tattoo designs exude elegance and carry profound symbolism, representing freedom, protection, and a desire to be close to the divine. They serve as a reminder of the spiritual journey and our connection to higher realms. Furthermore, a tattered or broken pair of angel wings in a tattoo can convey a struggle with one’s faith, symbolizing the challenges and tests one faces in their spiritual path.

Archangel Tattoo Designs:

Archangels, the esteemed ‘chief angels’ in the Angelic Choir, hold immense power and responsibility. Among the seven archangels known by name, Michael stands as the most renowned. People choose archangel tattoo designs to showcase their strong connection to their faith and beliefs. Each archangel is associated with specific duties, and having their image inked on one’s body signifies seeking divine guidance and protection in their respective domains.

Angel of Death Tattoo Designs:

The ‘Angel of Death,’ also known as the ‘Angel of Destruction,’ embodies powerful symbolism tied to fear and mortality. This tattoo design can represent an acceptance of the impermanence of life or a fascination with the mysteries of death. Some may choose this design to remind themselves to live life fully, embracing every moment with gratitude and courage.

Celtic Angels Tattoo Designs:

Celtic angels, often depicted holding the sacred Celtic cross, serve as a testament to the intertwining of Celtic roots and the Catholic faith. These designs portray a harmonious connection to both traditions, signifying a deep reverence for one’s spiritual heritage. The Celtic knots and patterns incorporated into the design add an extra layer of complexity and spiritual significance.

Cupid Tattoo Designs:

Cupid, also known as the ‘Baby Angel’ or the ‘Cherub,’ represents innocent love and romantic connections. These endearing tattoo designs are perfect for those celebrating the joy and warmth of love in their lives. Cupid’s presence on one’s skin serves as a constant reminder of the beauty and power of love to bring people together.

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Fallen Angels Tattoo Designs:

Fallen angel tattoo designs often depict angels with broken wings, drawing inspiration from stories of fallen archangels like Lucifer. These designs symbolize the struggle between good and evil, and they serve as a reminder of the consequences of choices made in life. They can be seen as a reflection of the human condition and the potential for redemption and self-discovery.

Flying Angels Tattoo Designs:

Flying angels in tattoo art symbolize rebirth and resurrection, carrying deep ties to Christian beliefs. These designs commemorate the ascension of Christ into heaven, signifying hope and the promise of life after death. People often choose this design as a tribute to a departed loved one, celebrating their journey to a better place.

Guardian Angels Tattoo Designs:

Guardian angels are a special class of heavenly beings tasked with protecting humankind. Tattoo designs featuring guardian angels represent a desire for divine guidance, safety, and support throughout life’s journey. These tattoos serve as a reminder that we are never alone, and a higher power watches over us, offering solace and protection in times of need.

Praying Angels Tattoo Designs:

Praying angel tattoo designs portray angelic figures with hands clasped in prayer, reflecting the need to connect with the divine. Drawing from Biblical tradition, these tattoos symbolize man’s desire to communicate with God through prayer. They also represent the belief in divine guidance, protection, and intervention during life’s challenges.

Each of these angel tattoo designs carries a rich history deeply rooted in various religious and cultural beliefs. Throughout centuries, angels have captivated the minds and hearts of people, inspiring numerous artworks in the form of paintings, sculptures, and now, meaningful tattoos. So, whether you seek protection, faith, or a connection to the spiritual realm, an angel tattoo can serve as a powerful and personal expression of your beliefs and aspirations.

Cherubim Tattoo Designs:

Cherubim are celestial beings often depicted as young, innocent children with wings. These charming tattoo designs symbolize divine love, purity, and childlike innocence. Cherubim tattoos are a delightful choice for those seeking to celebrate the innocence and beauty of the human spirit.

Warrior Angels Tattoo Designs:

Warrior angels represent strength, courage, and the eternal battle between good and evil. These tattoos portray angels armed with swords or engaged in combat, signifying the ongoing struggle for righteousness and justice. Choosing a warrior angel design can serve as a reminder of one’s own resilience and determination to overcome life’s challenges.

Guardian Angel Wings Tattoo Designs:

Guardian angel wings alone, without a full figure, are a popular tattoo choice. These majestic and intricate wing designs represent protection and guidance, emphasizing the notion that an unseen force is watching over and safeguarding the individual. People may opt for these tattoos to commemorate a lost loved one or to express their belief in a guiding presence in their lives.

Dark Angel Tattoo Designs:

Dark angel tattoos embody an intriguing contrast between light and shadow. These designs often depict angels with gothic or mysterious elements, symbolizing the complexity of human nature and the struggle between one’s light and dark sides. Dark angel tattoos can be a powerful expression of self-discovery and the acceptance of one’s flaws and virtues.

Winged Cross Tattoo Designs:

A combination of angel wings and a cross, these tattoos blend the spiritual essence of both symbols. The winged cross represents the harmony between heaven and earth, divinity and humanity. It can hold different meanings for individuals, including faith, protection, and the union of the physical and spiritual realms.

Guardian Angel with Loved Ones Tattoo Designs:

Guardian angels with loved ones tattoos depict an angel embracing or watching over a specific person or group of people. These designs symbolize the bond between family members or close friends and the eternal connection they share, even in the face of life’s challenges. This tattoo choice is a beautiful tribute to cherished relationships and the support they provide throughout life.

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