Tattoo Trends

The world of tattoos changes with the times. Some trends are timeless while others fade quickly. We take a look at all the trends, old and new so you can not only see what’s new in tattoos, but also some of the trends that helped make the tattoo industry what it is today.

Rodger Escobedo

Referred from a good friend of mine and already had high hopes of expectation since he said they were absolutely great. It’s my first tattoo and I don’t have the creative mind that artist have. After submitting an idea I got a response within a few days and to be honest, I liked the drawing but they continued to work with me until I loved it. Every time I sent it back in for another idea within a day or two I was shown the next drawing until I absolutely loved the work. Very quick with responding with any questions you may have and I highly recommend anyone seeking out their first tattoo design to come here first!

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