Tattoo Trends

The world of tattoos changes with the times. Some trends are timeless while others fade quickly. We take a look at all the trends, old and new so you can not only see what’s new in tattoos, but also some of the trends that helped make the tattoo industry what it is today.

Mary P.

Overall customer service was great and efficient and fast and very thorough. I would give 5 stars except from the initial contact I was given the impression that I was speaking to the actual artist who would be doing my tattoo from the shop I was interested in. I asked about scheduling and it was explained to me essentially like who I was speaking with would be scheduling a time to actually to the tattoo as well. It wasn’t until the final draft that I realized this was a third party commissioning artist company. Which again they were very nice and efficient I just don’t think it’s explain clearly how it all works from the get go.

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