There are many different ways for couples to publicly express their love and commitment, and they aren’t all about wedding rings.

15 Couple Tattoos You’ll Fall in Love With

There are many different ways for couples to publicly express their love and commitment, and they aren’t all about wedding rings. For these 15 couples, it’s permanently flaunting their love to the world through body art. We found some of the best, most creative couples’ tattoo designs and put them together in one list, to help with your inspiration. Check out the top 15 couple tattoos online.

The Princess and the Plumber

Peach and Mario Wrist Tattoos

These two are possibly the most famous video game couple out there, so it makes a lot of sense to use them for a couple tattoo! This duo must be a gaming pair, so Peach and Mario are the perfect choice as a design. We dig it!

Guiding Light

Lighthouse and Ship Tattoos

Ships count on lighthouses to guide them to land, just like this couple depends on one another to find their way home. Lighthouse imagery isn’t widely used in couple tattoos, but judging by this awesome work of art, that should change!

Mouse Match Made in Heaven

Mickey and Minnie Mouse Tattoos

Mickey and Minnie are the mouse couple that everyone knows and loves, so using them in a tattoo for a couple is a clear way to signify that you’re together. We especially love how this tattoo uses the retro versions of the Mice, and have them kissing when the two are put together.

Inside and Out

Watercolor Heart Tattoos for Couples

The splashes of color in this couple’s heart tattoos are awesome. Hearts are an obvious couple design, but what isn’t obvious is the switching of what part of the design is colored in. We like how both tattoos have the same color scheme and use of pigment, but change in how they’re used. Very cool!

Under Lock and Key

Lock and Key Puzzle Pieces Couple Tattoo

Some clichés are in place for a reason, and the one about your partner being your missing puzzle piece is one of them. For this couple, though, that one wasn’t enough. They took it a step further by combining that with the lock and key analogy, to make the ultimate couple’s tattoo design.

Pull at Those Heartstrings

Heartstrings Couples Tattoo

This couple wanted to show off that they literally pull at each other’s heart strings. A couple’s tattoo design can’t get more literal than this!

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A King to her Queen

King and Queen Crowns Tattoo for Couples

Crown tattoos are somewhat of a cliché, but the addition of some awesome watercolors makes this couple’s tattoo much more unique. They’re each other’s king and queen, but they like to have fun, if the splashes of bright color are anything to go by. We love this tattoo!

Stag and Doe

Stag and Doe Deer Couple Tattoo

A minimalist design can make the best couple tattoo, which is obvious when you see this one. A stag and a doe, with the message to ‘always protect’ is an adorable, and meaningful, couple tattoo.

The Missing Slice

Pizza and Slice Tattoo

A fun take on the “missing piece of the puzzle” trope, this couple used a pizza to signify their missing pieces… or should we say, slices. This gets top points for creativity, and an extra point or two because it’s pizza.

Even After Death…

Zombies in Love Couples Tattoo

We love everything about this couple’s tattoo. It’s not your typical design for a couple tattoo, but it’s clear that it’s meant to be one when you put them together. It’s super creative, and how could we not enjoy a tattoo that’s about love and zombies?


LOVE Letters Couple Tattoos

The perfect design idea for a couple’s tattoo – it’s super simple, but makes no sense unless they’re together. Ideally, this is the attitude toward your own relationship, which is why we think this is a stellar design choice for this particular kind of tattoo.

Golden Gate Love

San Francisco Bridge Tattoo Sleeves on a Couple

This couple’s tattoo truly is a work of art. Two scenes of the Golden Gate Bridge tattooed over the two women’s arms, and when they come together, they form the whole picture. Super creative, and hands-down one of the best ones we’ve come across.

Outlaw Lovers

Bonnie and Clyde Guns Tattoo

Few couples are as famous as this outlaw duo, who were literally together until the very end, so it’s fitting to use Bonnie and Clyde as a design for a couple’s tattoo!

Beauty and the Beast

Beauty and the Beast Couple Tattoo

The classic Disney love story. He’s the Beast to her Beauty and they want the whole world to know it!

Interdimensional Couple

The portal video game is a huge hit and how cool is this couple’s tattoo? This little guy starts on his arm, and then is transported onto her arm via a portal that only these two share.

There are no limits to what kind of couple tattoo designs you can choose. The main idea is that you have a permanent mark that you two share forever. And we think that’s pretty great.

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