Tattoos For All Ages: Older Folks with Tattoos

Older folks are less likely than younger generations to get flash or one-off tattoos. The decision to be tattooed isn’t taken lightly for more mature people, and their design choices tend to be more meaningful and thought out than a spur of the moment decision.

Becky got her first and only tattoo on her 60th birthday. As a gift from her daughter, Liz, the two of them got matching tattoos done, the design being something she and Liz used to draw when her daughter was a little girl, “she and I drew each other as “heart head girls”. It was one of the many special ways we communicated with each other”. They took their drawings to a couple of local artists to have it done, and were thrilled with their results, “I deeply cherish the tattoo I have of Liz on my foot”.

As far as how people respond to her having a tattoo, “Many people express surprise when they see the tattoo on my foot” but she hasn’t experienced any negative reactions to her ink. She’s also not the only one who thinks tattoos are for everyone, “I live in Austin, TX where many women of all ages have some large and gorgeous tattoos”.