15 Perfect Fonts for Script Tattoos

Script tattoos are a super popular genre of tattooing, and for good reason! There’s a ton of room for creativity and expression through script tattoos, but the key to getting it right is choosing the perfect font. You want your tattoo to be readable, so people aren’t constantly asking “what does that say?” Some fonts work better than others for this kind of ink, but matching the words with the right typeface can make or break your script tattoos.

The exception here is if you’re getting a script or quote that’s written in a particular person’s handwriting, like a memorial tattoo; there’s no specific font choice for these, because that person’s handwriting is wholly unique to them and their style of writing. There are, quite literally, hundreds of font options to choose from, so where do you start? Look no further! We’ve chosen our top 15 font choices that work best with scripted tattoos.