Why Tattoo Ink Turns Green Over Time

We’ve all seen old tattoos that don’t seem to have that onyx color that we’re used to seeing in a black linework tattoo, but what is it that makes the ink turn green (or sometimes blue) over time? This exact subject has popped up in the news
recently, so we wanted to look into why it happens. This is what we found out.

Custom Design vs Flash: Why People Choose Custom

The ultimate tattoo dilemma: do you get a flash or custom design for your next tattoo? There’s no right or wrong answer, it completely depends on the scenario regarding your ink. We looked into why people choose to get custom tattoos over flash designs, and asked them to tell us their stories. We also considered the pros to each kind of tattoo design, and when they might apply to your decision. Read on to find out when you would want to go flash, and when you want to choose custom.

100 Years Of Ink: Tattoo Fads By The Decade

Tattoos are far from a modern invention – they’ve been around for hundreds of years. Did you know that the first tattoo machine was invented in 1891? We didn’t either! It took another 80 years for tattooing to become an accepted, mainstream idea, though.

Each decade has brought a change in tattoo culture, so we wanted to explore the most popular tattoos trends from the humble beginnings of the artform, up until now. These are the top tattoo fads from the last 100 years, starting in 1910.

12 Things To Avoid When You Have A Fresh Tattoo

Taking proper care of a fresh tattoo isn’t hard, but there are ways to do it wrong. While you can do most of the same activities that you would normally do right after getting a new tattoo, there are some things you need to avoid. It takes about 3-4 weeks for a tattoo to fully heal, so until then, these are 12 things you need to avoid.

Tattoos Meanings You Wouldn’t Expect

It’s a common misconception that every tattoo needs to mean something. Sometimes, it’s about the work of art itself and the skin is the canvas. Other times, though, tattoo designs to have a deeper meaning than the obvious. Modern Family actress Sarah Hyland recently got one of these tattoos. Her ink looks like a geometry symbol, but it’s actually an homage to one of her favorite quotes by Robert Frost – “the best way out is always through”.

10 Outrageous Tattoo Laws From Around the World

Laws of all kinds differ from country to country worldwide, and the same goes for rules around tattoos. You may not think something as innocent as body art would be so controversial in some areas of the world, but you would be mistaken. We looked into some of the wildest policies that exist around the globe when it comes to tattoos, and ranked them from least to most out-there. Read on to find out which tattoo law wins the award for #1 most outrageous rule.

Does Sex Affect Your Tattoo?

Does sex affect tattoos? Is there any scenario in which having sex could ruin your ink? The answer, perhaps surprisingly, is yes! But don’t worry – that scenario is pretty specific. We looked into it, and asked some experts on the subject when you would want to avoid sex because of your tattoos. This is what we found out.

The Ladies Have Spoken: The Hottest Tattoos for Men

Tattoos are sexy, no matter where they are. GQ published an article on what the women of their office think are the hottest spots, but we wanted to take it a step further. In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, we thought it would be fun to ask the public what they think are the hottest tattoo spots for men. We took into consideration different tattoo spots, as well as tattoo quantity, and placed them in order from best to worst.

Read on, and see what women think the hottest tattoo spots are for men!

When Tattoos Unite: Stories of How Tattoos Brought People Together

People get tattoos for all kinds of reasons – memorials, self expression, a love of art. But there’s an undeniable element to tattoos that connect people. Tattoos can bond people in a number of ways, and we wanted to find out more about why that is, whether it be matching tattoos, wedding ring ink, or reminders of special moments. We asked seven people about their stories, and how their tattoos connect them to other people. Read on to find out how tattoos can bring people together.

How to Design a Couples’ Tattoo

There’s more than one way to celebrate your relationship, but few things allow you to be as creative as the good old fashioned couples’ tattoo. Getting tattooed together can be a great experience for a couple, but first, you need the design of your couples’ tattoo. Deciding on what kind of design you want that will signify your relationship isn’t a complicated process. We break it down for you right here, so that you can easily come up the ultimate inspiration for your unique couples’ tattoo design.

Read on to see what questions you need to ask yourselves, and where you can take inspiration from.