Scars and Tattoos

More than anything, we want to be comfortable in our own skin. Tattoos provide people with a creative option to enhance their own skin. Many people with scars choose to get tattoos over or around their scar tissue to reclaim their unique skin marking. In this article, we discuss when it’s safe to get a tattoo over a scar, the science behind tattooing scar tissue, and whether your specific design will work with your scar. Lastly, we’ll address scar tattoo care. Read on, and you may be pleasantly surprised by the optimism and creativity that goes into scar tattoos.

Linked and Inked: Partner Tattoos For Everyone

It’s February, and despite the brisk weather (here in the North at least), we’re starting to feel the exhilarating warmth of love in the air. That’s right, Valentine’s Day is here, and people are excited to express their affection for that special someone. There’s something about February 14th that invites and inspires all of us to take that extra step in bringing love to life–whether it’s with your fiance, your crush, or your family.

My Funny Valentine

With Valentine’s Day comes a lot of raised expectations: whether your status is single or it’s complicated, this special day can actually create a lot of stress.There’s a reason why it’s been called Sob Over Leftovers Day or Just Come Over and Sleep Beside Me Day. To break some of the tension, we created a list of light-hearted, romance-themed tattoos that really stood out to us. Check out the list below, and experience some of the most entertaining expressions of love!


Wearing Your Heart on Your Sleeve: How Tattoos Relate to Emotions

Getting a tattoo might be the closest you ever come to actually wearing your emotions on your sleeve. Whether it’s a heart or a skull, each design tells a story, represents a unique perspective, and captures the imagination of the onlooker. While some tattoos have deliberate meanings, others take on new meaning with time.

We wanted to learn more about the emotional process behind getting a tattoo, so we asked people all over the world about their personal stories. We also explored how they felt about their tattoos months and years later down the road. Below, you’ll find a collection of personal accounts, which tell compelling stories about tattoos and fate. Read on, and you may be surprised by how tattoos have impacted people’s lives.


Hindu Tattoo Meanings

The Hindu faith, which is the third largest religion in the world, began around 500 BC, making it one of the oldest organized religions in existence. In the Hindu faith, there are many important gods and goddesses that are vivid characters in stories of love, valour, and pride. Even today, Hindu deities are revered by members of the faith, many of whom reside in India-where the religion was born. If you’re interested in learning more about the meanings behind these Hindu tattoo designs, read our list below!


American Tattoo Meanings

Many American tattoo designs were born of the Old School style, one of the original tattoo art styles which featured bolded lines and a basic colour palette. These designs often depicted symbols that were central to the United States’ ethos, such as the bald eagle or the American flag. If you’re interested in learning more about the meanings behind these popular American symbols, check out our list below.


5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Getting Tattooed

First, your wild friend went under the needle. As the years passed, so did your uptight friend. In fact, you’ve witnessed all kinds of people embrace this bold form of body art. Everyone– except you.

After long contemplation, you’ve finally decided that getting tattooed is the right move. For the most part, you’re comfortable with the idea, and you’re confident in the tattoo design you want.

But, you still have nagging moments of doubt. In these moments, the unknown downside of getting a tattoo can feel more threatening than the monotony of playing it safe.

Geometric Tattoo Meanings

Geometric tattoo designs have existed since ancient times, and many of these symbols live on today. Based on simple mathematical patterns, these designs show the shapes hidden in nature-like the triangle in a fox’s face or the rectangle in a tree’s trunk. Some of the oldest geometrical designs have ties to religious or spiritual practices, representing that which was believed to be ‘sacred.’ Many feature repeating lines that show perfect balance and symmetry. Browse through our list of geometrical tattoos meanings, and you can ‘read between the lines’ next time you see someone with one of these smart tattoos.


5 Tattoo Trend Predictions for 2017

Tattoos have a long history, and they’re still a rapidly transforming art form. Over the years, they’ve become increasingly popular, and we see new styles and trends emerging all the time. In 2015, we saw that eye tattoos were really trending and in 2016, we had a lot of nautical designs lead mostly by anchor design requests come through our business. So, our team got together, and came up with a few of our own predictions for the new year. Here are our predictions for tattoo trends in 2017:

Will That New Tattoo Screw Up Your Career?

This year 40% of households will have at least one person with a tattoo in it. That means there are roughly 45 million people out there who have gotten themselves inked. This has led HR Acuity to call tattoos the “trending employee relations issue” of the year.

This situation has also led to a spate of mostly contradictory articles about tattoos in the workplace. Roughly half of those articles say they’re totally fine now, and you can get your tattoo with abandon. The other half say you’re totally screwed if your hiring manager catches the slightest glimpse of a tattoo, even if you’re trying to keep it covered up.

The truth is, as in most things, a lot more complex than these articles would have you believe.