Everything You Need To Know About Tattoos & HIV

According to most sources, there have been no documented cases of a single case of HIV being contracted through tattooing. Still, though, we’re told that getting tattoos is risky because there’s a chance of getting this particular disease. Why?

Women in Tattooing Spotlight – Sara Fabel

Sara Fabel

Born and raised in Finland, Sara Fabel started her career as an artist at Aalto University, learning art education and illustration. Today, she lives and works as a tattoo artist in LA, doing modelling gigs on the side. In 2012, Sara Fabel apprenticed to become a tattoo artist, and she’s been succeeding as one ever since. With 444k followers on Instagram, it’s safe to say that people love Sara’s art. We wanted to discover more about the person behind the exceptional designs, so we interviewed her to find out.

Should Teachers Have Tattoos?

Should teachers be able to show their tattoos around students? Tattoos are growing in popularity across the world. People in all kinds of client-facing work settings are questioning whether it’s a problem to have exposed ink. After all, when you’re facing a client, you’re essentially facing a stranger who you want to build a positive relationship with. But, with their unknown background judgements and limited time, deciding whether to reveal your body art can be tricky. In response to a recent article published in The Guardian, titled ‘Should teachers be able to have tattoos?’ we wrote a blog, voicing our own opinion. We make a case for why teachers ought to be able to show tattoos in the classroom. Read on, and hear all about the tattoo enthusiast’s perspective!

Women in Tattooing Spotlight – Jen

Jenny Fur: Owner and Tattoo Artist at Sacred Blue Tattoos

Jen owns and operates Sacred Blue Tattoos, located in Dundas Ontario. She also boasts the title of #1 tattoo artist at the shop – because she’s the only one! She’s skilled in a variety of tattoo styles, which is obvious when you see her portfolio. She can do almost any design and style, but if you ask what her preference is, she’ll tell you she has a soft spot for “bad tattoos”.

Women In Tattooing Spotlight – Sjeli

Sjeli Dale: Artist at Lucky Dog Tattoo

Toronto, Ontario is home to many talented female tattoo artists. Located just north of Kensington Market, you’ll find Lucky Dog Tattoo, where Sjeli Dale works. Sjeli has only been a tattoo artist for 3 years, but she has plenty of experience in the arts. Before she started tattooing, she was training at OCAD University.

Women in Tattooing Spotlight – Olie


A Ukrainian native who now works in Warsaw, Poland, Olie Siiz has made a name for herself in the tattoo industry. Her instagram page boasts over one hundred thousand followers, and she seamlessly weaves together her interests in travel and fashion with her passion for tattooing. If you browse through her portfolio, you’ll quickly discover that her specialty lies in a Neo-Traditional style, timeless art with a modern spin.

How To Design A Killer Cover Up Tattoo

Let’s face it – not everyone is happy with their tattoos. There are so many reasons someone could have a tattoo they want covered – it’s poorly done, it was a spur of the moment decision, or the design simply doesn’t resonate with them anymore.

7 Black and Grey Tattoo Sleeves You’ll Love

The black and grey tattooing style has been around for a surprisingly long time. Rumoured to have originated in prisons during the 1970’s, this technique-once known as ‘jailhouse’- later became one of the most popular trends in tattoo parlors.

Women In Tattooing Spotlight – Indigo

Indigo: Owner & Solo Artist at Slow Poke Tattoos

Indigo has only herself to credit for her success as a tattoo artist, and she’s proud of it! She’s a 100% self-taught tattooist, with an extensive background in the arts. She has a passion for tattooing that blossomed into her own business, where she happily “pokes” people for a living. Her private studio, Slow Poke Tattoos, is located in Oakville, Ontario.

7 Mind-Blowing Book Lover’s Tattoos

Book worms, today is your day! It’s National Book Lover’s day, so we found seven of the best tattoos celebrating authors and novels. Believe it or not, there are books out there aside from Harry Potter – but you better believe we included some HP tattoos here! From the outrageously fantastical to literary love notes, these tattoos set the mood for book lover’s day.