Should I Get a Tattoo? 33 Answers to Your Questions

“Should I get a tattoo?” Well…have you really thought about it? Getting a tattoo can be a big step, because it’s a permanent piece of art that’s on your body, which means it’s a decision that you don’t want to make lightly. It doesn’t have to be a daunting experience, but it is one you want to be sure about. We came up with a list of 33 questions that you should ask yourself before contacting any tattoo artist or going to get a tattoo, especially if it’s your first one. By considering these things, you’ll be making an informed decision, and you’ll make life easier for the artist that you ultimately choose to go to. Ask yourself these questions and become a tattoo artist’s dream client.

Most Popular Chest Tattoos for Men

The chest is one of the hottest spots a guy can get inked, and we did the research to prove it. This time, we wanted to find out some of the most popular trends in chest tattoos for men, so we went right to the source. We conducted a poll asking our male readers about their chest tattoos: where they are, what themes are most popular, top size and style choices, and the most preferred motifs for chest ink. This is what we found out about what’s popular when it comes to chest tattoos for men.

Does Facebook Hate Tattoos?

Which of these two pictures is more sexually explicit?
If you ask Facebook’s Ad Policy department, it’s the tattoo. The image of this arm, covered in an alien inspired sleeve tattoo, is deemed adult content because, “Images focused on individual body parts, such as abs, buttocks or chests, even if not explicitly sexual in nature” are prohibited. As per the same policy, exposed genitalia is fully allowed as long as it’s on a statue.

The main issue here seems to be with the cropping of the photo, but in order to showcase details of a large tattoo, cropping is necessary. This is an arm. This is very clearly an arm. But it’s somehow been flagged as less appropriate than a marble-sculpted wang.

How to Come Up with a Tattoo Idea

The ultimate tattoo dilemma – what do you get? How do you come up with a tattoo design? Where do you start? How can you be sure you’re going to like in five, ten years? Wonder no more! We talked to some of our artists to gather the best advice on how, exactly, you can come up with a tattoo design idea that you’ll love forever. This doesn’t just apply to brand new tattoos either, these tips can be used if you’re looking for ideas to cover up old tattoos as well.

Pros and Cons of Inner Lip Tattoos

Inner lip tattoos have been a huge trend in tattoos since Miley Cyrus debuted her tiger emoji in 2014. To this day people are choosing to get spur of the moment, quirky tattoos inked on their inner lip, and there are actually some good reasons why the inner lip is a good choice.

There are even more reasons, however, why this particular area is not the best suited for ink. We lay out all the pros and cons for you right here.

More Than Meets the Eye: Small Tattoos With Big Meanings

Size matters for some things, but when it comes to tattoos, it’s more about what it means to you. Small tattoos with meanings that aren’t obvious at first glance are one of the most popular types of ink across the board, so we wanted to find out more. We asked readers for the stories behind their small, yet meaningful tattoos to see just how strong of a symbol a piece of ink can be.

Eyeball Tattoos: What You Need to Know

Eyeball tattoos, also known as sclera tattoos, have been gaining more mainstream popularity recently, so we wanted to look into it further and see what the fuss is about. They’re not common in all walks of life, but if you’re familiar with body modification, then you may have witnessed this up and coming phenomenon. This is what we learned.

Warning: This article contains somewhat graphic images and closeups of eyeballs.

Here’s to the Dads: Paying Tribute With Tattoos

Father’s Day is a day that’s all about celebrating dads and their various roles in our lives. The day of dad’s was actually inspired by Mother’s Day, which became an official national holiday in 1908. A widowed mother of 6 campaigned to have a day dedicated to celebrating fathers as well as mothers, in honor of her late husband. The very first Father’s Day was in 1910, and it was unofficially celebrated across the United States from that day on. It didn’t become an official US holiday until 1972 when President Richard Nixon signed a proclamation to make it such.

Hottest Tattoo Ideas to Keep You “Cool” This Summer

Summer is right around the corner, and with that goes the layers of clothes to protect from the cold. You’re showing more skin, so why not make it fancy with some killer new ink? Summer is the perfect time of year to showcase your body art, and if you’re in the market for some new work, the season can be a source of great inspiration. We’ve put together a guide on where the best places are for a tattoo in the summer, and what kinds of designs to consider. Read on to find out more about summertime tattoos!

Why Tattoo Ink Turns Green Over Time

We’ve all seen old tattoos that don’t seem to have that onyx color that we’re used to seeing in a black linework tattoo, but what is it that makes the ink turn green (or sometimes blue) over time? This exact subject has popped up in the news
recently, so we wanted to look into why it happens. This is what we found out.