5 Tattoo Trend Predictions for 2017

Clara Christopher

Tattoos have a long history, and they’re still a rapidly transforming art form. Over the years, they’ve become increasingly popular, and we see new styles and trends emerging all the time. In 2015, we saw that eye tattoos were really trending and in 2016, we had a lot of nautical designs lead mostly by anchor design requests come through our business. So, our team got together, and came up with a few of our own predictions for the new year. Here are our predictions for tattoo trends in 2017:

Tattoo Trend Predictions for 2017

We’ll see tattoos will become more ‘artsy’ and less ‘badass.’

As tattoos become more mainstream, we predict that the designs will become less ‘counterculture’ and more artistic- or visually creative. In years past, the tattoo might have been a symbol of masculinity or gang affiliation. Now that more and more people are interested, the designs have shifted away from strictly skulls and gang signs, toward original artistic styles that appeal to broader crowds. In fact, we also predict a movement from generic symbols to unique designs that are more personally meaningful.

We’ll see more women getting tattoos.

With more gender equality and less of an income gap between men and women, we expect that more women will opt to get tattoos than in previous years. We’ve seen sister tattoo trends recently, and we’re expecting a lot more in this direction. We’re already seeing an increase in tattoo design requests from women through our business this year- so we’ll see in a couple months whether we’re picking up on a real trend!

We’ll see more colour tattoos.

As tattoos take on a creative edge, we expect to see more colour tattoos around. As more styles are created on the whole, more colour styles will emerge. We predict that colour will be used in a variety of new ways to accomplish different visuals effects, and lately we’ve seen trash polka as well as watercolour designs, growing in popularity.

We’ll see more micro tattoos.

Or maybe you won’t, because these tattoos are so easily concealed. Micro tattoos are smaller and less visually obvious, so we expect that more people will opt for these miniature designs. Tattoos that are easy to cover up can still be beneficial when job hunting, and they allow more people to take part in the growing trend without a huge initial commitment. If you like the way a micro tattoo looks, you can get a second or a third one, and you’re still playing it safe.

We’ll see more specialized styles.

With a stronger creative focus and many more people getting tattoos, we expect that we’ll see a growing variety in design styles. We predict that the greater demand will bring about a surge of new artists with their own unique design styles, and original trends will be born.

That’s all folks! Those are all of our predictions for 2017. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.