Cosmetic Tattoos: Getting Skin Deep

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Cosmetic tattoos are making a comeback in the beauty industry. In fact, they’re growing almost as fast as ordinary tattoos. Dating back to the 1920’s, cosmetic tattoos started out as ‘complexion boosters.’ They accentuated a woman’s beauty, while sparing them some time and money. Today, cosmetic tattoos have many uses. Women use them for nipple reconstruction, post-breast surgery. Other women use the tattoo pigment to enhance their freckles.

The idea of waking up with a perfectly manicured face might sound like a dream to some. But, you should always be aware of the risks involved. Cosmetic tattoo removal isn’t always smooth-going, and the desired colour sometimes fades. In this article, we’ll review some industry tips and techniques. These will help you learn how to maintain your cosmetic tattoo in its best condition.

Freckles Tattoo Trend

Freckle tattoos are the most recent trend in cosmetic tattooing. And since it’s such a new trend, you might be wondering, “what’s the appeal?” Freckles are more prominent in youth. So, to pull off a younger, cuter look, many women opt for freckle tattoos. Aside from these aesthetic benefits, tattooed freckles can save people from sun damage. Instead of sun-bathing, they get their pigment from the tattoo shop. Even in the dead of winter, they don’t have to worry about their freckles disappearing.

After the procedure, inked freckles look darker and redder. But, as time passes, they fade and start to assume a natural look. Below, we’ve included some photos of how freckles look fresh after the procedure versus a few weeks in:

Freckles Cosmetic Tattoo Photo: Revelist

Eyebrows Tattoo Trend

Though some might not expect it, eyebrow shape has a significant impact on the way your face looks. Brows express many emotions, and they help determine your facial symmetry. Thicker brows reflect more youthfulness than sparse brows do. For all these reasons, the shape and colour density of one’s eyebrows are considered an important element of beauty. So, instead of spending time and money on eyebrow pencils and gels, many opt for eyebrow tattoos. These give your brows unwavering shape and visibility.

Eyebrow Cosmetic TattooPhoto: Pinterest

Lip Liner Tattoo Trend

Lip liner tattoos enhance your lips’ natural outline. This creates the illusion of a more voluminous lip, but it doesn’t add volume to your lips. Cosmetic tattoo artists use pigment for lip tattoos more often than ink, since ink fades so quickly. Since your lips are so sensitive, getting lip liner tattoos is one of the more painful procedures. After the procedure, many people’s lips experience peeling. Dr. Roxanne Grawe, a Columbus Plastic Surgeon, tells us that “lips tend to fade the most and peel.” She advises that people who have had the procedure “use some sort of A&D ointment or Aquaphor, and not to pick at your lips.”

Lip Liner Cosmetic Tattoo Photo: Harpers Bazaar

Eyeliner Tattoo Trend

Eyeliner tattoos are one of the most sensitive areas to have tattooed. Due to their proximity to the eye, the procedure is more risky. But some find that eyeliner tattoos are the most pragmatic tattoo to have. They save many days of worrying about applying eyeliner –or about it’s inevitable smudging by the end of the day. Dr. Keshini Parbhu, an Orlando Oculoplastic Surgeon, advises those who have experienced swelling after the procedure to “try ice for two days following [the] permanent eyeliner,” and to “keep a moist cloth between the ice pack and the delicate skin of the eyelids.” One of the biggest issues that eyeliner tattoos present is that they’re not easily removed, due to the sensitivity of the skin around the eye. Dr. John LoMonaco, a Houston Plastic Surgeon, warns that “even the laser treatments can cause unpredictable changes in the coloration” of your tattoo. He goes on to say that “there are other methods to lighten the colors,” but these can also be unpredictable. He says that “a person experienced in tattooing can go over [the eyeliner tattoo] with a dark color, but ‘lightening’ it generally cannot be done by reapplying colour.”

Eye Liner Cosmetic TattooPhoto: Pinterest

Things to Know Before Getting One

Before taking the plunge, there are important aspects to bear in mind. First of all, you want to make sure that your tattoo artist has experience with cosmetic tattooing. You also want to be sure that they’ve selected a pigment that will complement your unique skin tone. You need to reflect on whether your beauty ideals will remain the same over the years, since these tattoos are permanent. Some of them, including lip liner and eyeliner, are especially difficult to remove. If you do decide to get permanent makeup, it’s best to accept that the best way to have it removed is to let it fade naturally.

If you do go through with the procedure, know that your body might require some healing time. Once the swelling stops, within a few days to a few weeks, your final pigment will show, and you can flaunt your new look! If you know of any other interesting cosmetic tattoo procedures, let us know about them in the comment section below.

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