Designing a Personalized Tattoo Sleeve

John Dietrich

A Look into Custom Tattoo Design’s Creative Process

Now more than ever people are becoming extremely liberal about getting tattoos; so much so that full tattoo sleeves are becoming more and more common.   We have all seenstunning tattoo sleeves that we can only dream of having. However, the main issue is coming up with an amazing idea for a sleeve.  In many cases people just want the same tattoo sleeve as someone else because they lack the creativity to come up with an idea of their own.

The hardest part of the entire process is coming up with the composition of the tattoo’s design. Taking a handful of random objects and thoughts and turning them into a tattoo sleeve is remarkably difficult. Custom Tattoo Design has some of the best and most creative tattoo artists on the planet. Our artists will work with you to bring your ideas together and create the beautiful tattoo sleeve you’ve always envisioned.

When coming up with your tattoo idea, the best thing to start with is the main concept of the tattoo.  Most people want to incorporate important moments from their lives or people who have had a significant impact on them.

Sometimes rather than sending us their tattoo ideas or other tattoo sleeves that they like, our customers will simply send us their story. If you start to think of your tattoo sleeve as a story and find a couple of reference points, then we can work with you to bring it all together and create something you’ll be proud to wear.

If you want a truly custom tattoo design, don’t look at other people’s tattoos. Think of what your ink would mean to you and let the professionals draw you something you never thought you could have come up with on your own.

Lee Roller, Owner
Custom Tattoo Design