Experiences from CEB Marketing Summit 2017

John Dietrich
In May 2017, CEB Sales and Marketing Summit took place in Las Vegas, and we were thrilled to accept an invitation to speak. Custom Tattoo Design’s CEO, Lee Roller, attended the conference, and we were excited to hear all about his experience. Lee met with marketing leaders across the world to discuss small business challenges and strengths, and he told us all about his experience below.

What did you discuss at the conference?

“We discussed the hardships that come with being a small business. We spoke about the most difficult aspects of running a small business as well as the steps we took to grow from one person to a team of ten. Together, we reflected on challenges that we faced in this growth process.”

What did you learn?

“I haven’t actually sat in a panel with 5 other entrepreneurs before, where everyone discussed the the difficulties they’ve encountered. It wasn’t until this point that I realized, we all struggle with the same issues. When you see that everyone’s dealing with the same hardships, it can be a great source of affirmation and motivation to continue working hard.”

What was the most valuable part of the conference?

“Personally, I felt like the most valuable part of the conference was coming to understand where we are in the grand scheme of the business, as well as how much we have actually grown. This conference really made me appreciate that we have grown so much, and that we are growing into more of a corporation. There’s great value in understanding your exact strengths and weaknesses, so that you can be proud of what you’re doing well and so that you can work on what needs fixing.”

Is there anything that you brought back with you?

“This might sound lame, but I think I brought back an extra sense of confidence because I realized how strong we are as a business. When you get caught up in everyday tasks, you can lose sight of the bigger picture and your greater goals. Leaving the conference, I felt reinvigorated and I felt motivated to move past the stage of comfortable complacency. I was reminded, in a powerful way, that being ‘status quo’ is not why I got involved with my business in the first place.”

We were honoured to be able to attend this year’s CEB Summit. It was an outstanding opportunity that offered us time to reflect on our business’s progress, and it allowed us to connect with other small businesses similar to us. We certainly hope to attend again in the future!

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