Tattoo Cover Up: Cool Tattoo Ideas For Covering Tattoos

John Dietrich

Cover up your unwanted or old tattoos with these ideas

What is a Cover Up Tattoo?

A tattoo cover up involves incorporating your current tattoo with a new design, whereby the older one becomes a seamless part of the new one.

Think before Inking

Before deciding to cover up your tattoo, try to understand what you had done before and why you want to cover it.  In many cases if the tattoo is too dark or to large you may not be able to do a complete cover; therefore your best bet is to incorporate it into a completely new design. Finding pieces of art you now enjoy or reference images for your new tattoo design, are great starting points in the cover up process.   Cover up tattoo ideas that work well:

  1. Any animal or mythological beast that has scales or feathers is a good tattoo cover up idea. Asian-style dragons, koi fish or any kind of fish that can be darkly shaded works well. Tattoo ideas with lots of detail or complex line-work are great for camouflaging old tattoos, such as birds and biomechanical tattoos.
  2. A darker design also works, since black shading can cover almost anything. Using full bodies and darker colours ensure the new tattoo idea can be transformed seamlessly with the old tattoo idea.
  3. Since names are one of the most popular things to cover, avoid getting your new tattoo with a new name and making the same mistake. A good alternative is altering the name with a slight design to one of the letters or adding on to the name with further letters i.e. turning ‘Jane’ to ‘Jaded’.
  4. Use the current design and incorporate it into the new tattoo. Re-work an old tattoo by adding features like blush on cheeks, re-strengthening weak lines, or adding in hair or the illusion of hair on a person.   Just remember that all tattoo cover ups will have to be significantly larger than the original tattoo, so for the second go around it is integral that you love your tattoo and be happy with it forever.

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Author: Lee Roller