Popular Tattoo Designs for 2015

John Dietrich

Popular Trends for 2015

Tattoo designs are always evolving every year as designers and artists are constantly pushing the envelope with what can be done on skin. This year is already shaping up to be one of the best years for tattoos ever.

With so many great designs out there, we thought it’d be great to show you what tattoo ideas have been popular this year so far.

1.  Tattoo Sleeves

Tattoo sleeves have been growing in popularity as tattoos are becoming more commonplace in society. Sleeves are great because they can be designed and completed as discrete half-sleeves (very office friendly) or completely out in the open as full sleeves from shoulder to wrist.

Sleeves vary in design as everyone has their own taste and story that they want to tell with their tattoo. Some popular tattoo sleeve designs we’ve noticed recently this past year include tribal sleeve designs, watercolor full sleeve tattoos and titan sleeve tattoos.

2. Small Tattoo Designs

Small tattoo designs are popular because they are an easy entry point for people who are getting their first tattoo. They’re not just for newbies though; they make great additions to existing tattoos as well.

Depending on placement, small tattoos can be discrete and are also easy to cover up or add to, should you decide to get a bigger piece later on.

Some popular small tattoo designs include symbols such as anchors, moons, crosses, and birds.

3.  Symbols

Symbols are always popular tattoo design choices because they often represent more than the physical item they depict. For example, a simple triangle can represent change. Meaningful messages like this make these tattoos excellent design choices.

Popular symbols used in tattoo designs include flowers such as roses and lotuses, feathers, skulls, dream catchers, daggers and knives, bows and arrows and more.

4. Text and Cursive Tattoos

Text and cursive tattoos have always been a popular design choice since the creation of tattoos. Text tattoos are great because they can pay homage to a loved one or display a quote that inspires you.

There are many different design choices when it comes to text tattoos, the most important of which being the font style. Popular styles include cursive writing and the use of roman numerals. The latter is especially popular when it comes to commemorating dates.

While these popular trends and tattoo ideas often look great, the most important thing to consider when getting a tattoo design is what you want. At Custom Tattoo Design, we work with the best tattoo artists around the world and help bring your tattoo idea to life.

If you have a great design idea, please contact us with us so we can get started on your design today.