Tattoo Ideas: why are some symbols more popular than others

John Dietrich

Custom Tattoo Design has got you covered for your next or first tattoo

 With so many options and tattoo ideas out there it can become stressful deciding what tattoo to choose. Custom Tattoo Designs has got you covered in that you can share any and all of your tattoo designs with us and we’ll come up with a custom tattoo idea that is totally unique. Since you can pull inspiration from everywhere, we have broken down some of the more popular symbols and their meaning.

1.  Koi Fish: there are a lot of different meanings when it comes to koi fish, including  luck, docile and friendly, fortune, power, bravery, masculinity, prosperity, ambition and more. Koi Fish, aka as carp fish, can be found in Europe and Asia, and one of the cool things about them is that they can adapt and survive in different water conditions and countries. Usually koi fishes have different colours, like yellow, red and black, so get ready for some colour. To add a more feminine touch, a great tattoo idea is to have your koi fish tattoo with lotus flowers.

2.  Dragon: throughout history, dragons have shown to be big and powerful. Their meanings include strength, luck, power, independence, freedom, wisdom, protection and longevity. For the Chinese, dragons are a huge symbol, and are related to emperors or a majesty, and are also related to the yin yang symbol. Most of the time, the Chinese dragon is associated with imperial power. Like the Chinese dragon, Japanese dragons are very popular, and are associated with strength, power, freedom and the gods. Furthermore, both the Chinese and Japanese dragons are associated with protection and wisdom.

3.  Cross: this type of tattoo is not only popular among goths, but with those who want to express their religion and who love the way the tattoo design looks on their skin. One of the most popular cross tattoo designs include the Celtic Cross, Maltese Cross and the Iron Cross, and tend to appear on the upper bicep or back.

4.  Angel: angel tattoos are popular among women and appear in many different forms across cultures. Angels signify the relationship between heaven and earth, and are used in tattoo designs to convey feelings of power, courage and victory. Speaking to spiritual faith, angels can also symbolize deep unwavering faith. Since angels are watchers, they are forever observing and maintaining the spiritual light of the soul. An angel tattoo can also remind us of our inner light and are a testimony to faith and keeping ourselves focused.

5.  Zodiac: zodiac tattoos are popular because everyone can personally relate to them. Whether you are a Leo or a Scorpio, there is some aspect of your zodiac sign that you can relate to. Although almost every culture in the world has their own version of the zodiac, the most popular one is the Greek/Roman zodiac, which is broken down into 12 different signs, each one representing a roughly one-month period relating to your birthday.  Now that we have given you some great tattoo ideas, start the process of actually getting your tattoo made today. Contact Custom Tattoo Designs and our team of professional artists who will work with you one-on-one to bring your tattoo idea to life.

Author: Lee Roller