Custom Tattoo Design wants to ensure every customer gets exactly what they’re looking for. It’s our policy to do whatever we can to make sure every individual is treated with the utmost care and with the end goal of creating their dream tattoo design.

In following with our goals and customer expectations we have included a “Money Back Guarantee” to make everyone feel comfortable working together. Even though online shopping is becoming more common, people are still wary of sending money online and we want to put their minds at ease.

How It Works

First, we ask that our customers make a deposit. This lets our design team know the customer is committed to the design and ready to start. We receive over 300 requests per day. Making a deposit is vital to our system and allows our artists to start a design right away. You will get to meet your personal tattoo artist and make sure you’re on the same page before starting your design. Your artist will send you a “rough sketch” to ensure you’re on the same page and you like where your design is headed. This allows our customers to review their design before they further commit to the design process.

Once you review the sketch and talk to your artist you have two choices:

  • Receive a full refund of your deposit
  • Continue working on the design and move on to the more detailed version implementing the changes you would like.

Once you continue with your design your deposit is now non-refundable however you still have to approve the final design. Remember, we don’t require you to make the remaining 50% payment until your design is 100% perfect, and approved by you.

No-Refund Policy

We have a No-refund policy of the deposit should a customer fail to communicate with our team or artists for more than 2 weeks or 10 business days. This is to ensure that our artists are able to work with our new clients and our business can operate efficiently. If there is a special circumstance, just make sure to let us know, and we will use our discretion to make sure that every customer is treated properly.

Our goal is to ensure all our customers get an amazing Custom Tattoo Design. These policies are in place to make sure that everyone feels empowered during our process. Our team is available 24/7 via email, live chat or telephone to assist you if or when needed.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us! Our customer service team is always available to help.


  1. What do I receive when I purchase a Custom Tattoo Design?
    Custom Tattoo Design is truly unique; we offer an amazing service that includes:

    • 24/7 Customer Service
    • Your Own Design Team; we allow you 100% input throughout the design process,
    • High-Definition full scale artwork in presentation format.
    • Certificate of authenticity releasing any copy rights. (Some Tattoo shops will want to see a release on artwork if it’s custom).
  2. What guarantee do I have if I use your services?
    Our mission is to provide amazing, high quality, custom tattoo designs. If you are unsatisfied with your initial sketch, we offer a 100% money back guarantee. You can learn more about the Money Back Guarantee here.
  3. What if I live in another country or city?
    Custom Tattoo Design works with people all over the world. By working with our customers primarily online we can send designs to anywhere in the world instantly. Don’t let distance keep you from working with us on your next Custom Tattoo Design.
  4. How do I pay?
    You can either pay by credit card or PayPal. Here are the cards we accept:

    If you have any questions regarding payments, please contact us our customer service manager at: [email protected]

  5. Is the art Truly Custom?
    We pride ourselves on being a completely custom service; each piece is started from scratch with the input of the client and the artist. We do hours of research and use combinations of references from the client, web and inspiration from around the world. No stencils here!
  6. How do I get started on my own Custom Tattoo Design?
    The first step is filling out the contact form and sending us the description of your custom tattoo design. It’s ok if you don’t have a specific idea or if you don’t have it planned to perfection; we will work with you to plan everything out from beginning to end. Once we receive your email we will custom quote you’re design and determine the correct size and send you a follow up email with a link to the corresponding deposit page. Once we quote your design and you make the appropriate deposit we will select the best artist for your design and have them contact you. Your Custom Tattoo Designer will contact you with any questions they might have and you’re off! You will work one on one until your design is perfect.
  7. How much will my custom design cost?
    All the design prices are broken down by size; Small, Medium, Large and XL. You can find the prices under the pricing tab and use them as a guideline. However every piece is ultimately custom priced based on the size and intricacy of the project. Once you send us your idea we can work with you to quote it and make sure it fits your budget. You have no obligation to purchase anything, all our quotes are free.
  8. How long will it take to finish my design?
    After you submit your design our artist/team will contact you to discuss layout, references and anything else they may need to get started. After receiving your initial sketch, we will get your personal feedback and make any changes necessary to start on the final drafts. We do not promote mass production but rather make sure every customer is 100% satisfied; based on the size and amount of revisions we take however long is needed.
  9. Who will be designing my tattoo?
    Custom Tattoo Design has compiled the best talent from all over the world. Each Designer has their own strength, style and experience; we match you up with artists based on your Custom Tattoo Design needs. We have the top international tattoo artist from all around the world.
  10. Is it possible to do any type or style of Design?
    Absolutely, we have talented artist who can tackle any project from photo realism to memorial pieces. The best thing you can do is send us your idea or ask us about your design and we will get back to you right away. We are also the only place in the world that designs large, XL and full sleeve designs.
  11. Can you help me with a cover up of a current tattoo?
    Yes we can! Again this is a Custom issue, Please send us a request form and we will guide you through the process helping you with your cover piece. We will need one or several clear pictures of the current tattoo.