We’ve compiled a MASSIVE list of tattoo ideas that will help any person come up with the perfect tattoo idea. If you know you want a tattoo but are unsure exactly what you want, this tattoo idea list is sure to inspire. Once you’ve got the basic concept of an idea, we can help turn your dream tattoo into a reality. Start your design today!

76 Tattoo Ideas for Everyone

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Ancestry Tattoo Ideas

Ancient civilizations were essential to making the modern world what it is today, and many of us have family that can be traced back to these times. Representing your ancient heritage through body art can be a great way to feel closer to where you came from, and showcase your pride in your ancestry. Read on to find out some of the symbols that are associated with ancient ancestry to get inspired for your next tattoo.

Norse Tattoo Ideas – Norse ancestry has a lot of symbolism associated with it, all of which have powerful meanings attached to them. If you’re looking for Nordic tattoo ideas to represent your ancestry, the following symbols can be utilized: runes, the valknut (Odin’s knot), yggdrasil (Tree of Life), Aegishjalmur (the Helm of Awe and Terror), Vegvisir (Viking compass), The Horn Triskelion (The Triple Horn of Odin), Mjölnir (the Hammer of Thor), Svefnthorn, Huginn and Muninn (the Twin Ravens of Odin), Skuld’s Net (the Web of Wyrd/Matrix of Fate), Gungnir (Magical Spear of Odin), and the Troll Cross.

Spartan Tattoo Ideas – The Spartan army represented the ancient Greek Spartan state. The most famous symbol associated with the Spartans is the sign that was on their shields, the lambda. Other symbols that could be used for Spartan tattoo ideas include a warrior with a shield, a bronze helmet, and a long spear. The best way to make it clear that your tattoo is for Spartan ancestry is to include the lambda somewhere in your design.

Greek Tattoo Ideas – Ancient Greece influenced the entire world, through it’s cultures, arts, and practices, to their mythology. Many of these ancient Greek symbols can be used as tattoo ideas, including: the minotaur, a labrys, the Asclepius wand, the Solar Cross, the Cornucopia, the Gorgon, labyrinth, the Bowl of Hygeia, the Hercules Knot, and the Caduceus. Greek Gods and Goddesses, such as Zeus and Aphrodite, can be made into tattoo designs, along with the symbolism that’s associated with each of their legends.

Roman Tattoo Ideas – Like Ancient Greek, Ancient Romans were essential to the creation of the modern world. There are a variety of symbols that represent ancient Rome, such as: the Mano Fico, fasces, aquila, she-wolf, a Roman soldier, Cimaruta, the Knot of Hercules, elemental symbols, a dove, an olive branch, three intersecting circles (the Law of Threes), and a bipennis. Figures from Roman mythology, like Romulus and Remus, can also be used in tattoo designs, along with symbolism associated with their respective mythos.

Aztec Tattoo Ideas – The Aztecs were one of the first civilizations, and symbols hold a ton of meaning to this ancient culture. If you’re looking for tattoo ideas to rep your Aztec ancestry, consider the following: the Calendar Stone, an eagle, the sun, an Aztec warrior, pictograms, Atlatl (spear thrower), a jaguar, a dog, Xolotl (dog-headed god), an owl, a monkey, butterflies, xochitl (flower) and maize.

Celtic Tattoo Ideas – Celtic people played a big role in ancient society, and if you want to represent your Celtic ancestry through body art, there are a ton of symbols to choose from. Celtic symbolism held a lot of meaning, and to a degree, still does today, including: the triskelion, triquetra, triskele (triple spiral), awen (three rays), spiral, five-fold symbol, threefold symbol, epona (double spiral), Celtic cross, quaternary, and the Celtic knot. These are some of the most recognizable Celtic symbols out there, and make for great tattoo ideas.

There are several options for ancient ancestry tattoos and many symbols to choose from to represent where your people came from. Looking into some of the meanings behind these symbols can be key in deciding what kind of ink you want to stand as an icon for your ancient heritage.
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Family Tattoo Ideas

Getting a tattoo with your family members is a great way to solidify already strong relationships, and keep a part of them with you wherever you go. We’ve gathered some of the top tattoo ideas for family ink to help inspire you if you and your family members are looking for ideas for new tattoos.

Brother Sister Tattoo Ideas – These ideas can work for any sibling tattoo, whether its brother and sister, or sister and sister, or brother and brother. Some of the most popular brother sister tattoo ideas are: quotes that you and your sibling say, meaningful phrases, infinity symbols, pop culture references, roman numerals denoting birth order, card suits, elemental symbols that relate to individual personalities, sun, moon and stars, and inverted triangles.

Father Daughter Tattoo Ideas – Father daughter tattoos are sweet ideas to showcase the strength of that bond. Some of the best father daughter tattoo ideas out there are: silhouette figures of a father and young daughter, quotes from literature about fatherhood, meaningful phrases to one another, a quote in each other’s handwriting, family mottos, a Celtic knot, his and her hands.

Mom and Son Tattoo Ideas – There are few bonds stronger than that of a mother and her son, which is why we put together some notes for mother son tattoo ideas. The top contenders include: son’s baby footprint, family tree, mom and baby animals such lioness and cub or mother elephant leading baby, mother and baby silhouette or outlines, an angel and baby jesus, or a Celtic knot.

Kids Name Tattoo Ideas – Tattoo ideas with kids names are growing in popularity, so here are our best suggestions if you’re in the market for this kind of tattoo: baby’s handprint with name, baby footprint with name and birth info, hands making a heart shape with name in centre, arrows with kids name as stick, family tree with names making up branches, clock with birth time and name, and baby’s name and birth info making the shape of a heart or cross.

Mom and Daughter Tattoo Ideas – A lot of the possible designs for mom and daughter tattoos can be the same ideas as mother and son tattoo ideas, but with more feminine elements, such as: hearts, flowers, butterflies, Disney characters, quotes from favorite children’s books, symbols that are meaningful to the two of you, mom and daughter in infinity symbol, mother and daughter labels in script.

No matter what kind of family tattoo you’re looking to get, there are tons of possibilities to make a tattoo design that’s unique to your relationship. Getting a tattoo together can be a great bonding experience, and makes for a great story of a shared experience down the road.
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Book Tattoo Ideas

Where would we be without literature? Books provide an escape into a whole other world, and provide a platform for all kinds of information, both anchored in real life and the imagination. Being a book lover is something to be proud of, and the best way to show off your love of literature is to immortalize it through tattoos. Your opportunities are endless in terms of tattoo design ideas, from specific novels and their symbolism, to going literal with books themselves. We’ve put together some ideas to help you come up with the best book tattoo idea for you.

Harry Potter Tattoo Ideas – Harry Potter is one of the world’s top selling book series, and one of the most popular books to inspire fan tattoos. There are a number of symbols in the book can that can be used for great Harry Potter tattoo ideas, including: symbols for Ravenclaw, Gryffindor, Hufflepuff and Slytherin Houses, the Deathly Hallows, wands, Harry’s lightning bolt scar, dragons, the Triwizard Tournament trophy, the Goblet of Fire, hippogriffs, Nimbus 2000, a golden snitch, and butterbeer. Whatever your favorite part of the book series is, odds are there’s a symbol that can be used to represent that in a Harry Potter tattoo.

Stephen King Tattoo Ideas – The King of horror has written almost a hundred books, not to mention his short story books with 20 or more stories in them, so there’s a ton to choose from if you’re looking for a tribute tattoo to his work. Some of the top Stephen King tattoo ideas include things like: the loser turns lover cast signature from IT, Pennywise’s face, the ominous red balloons from IT, quotes from The Dark Tower, REDRUM, symbols from the The Dark Tower series, quotes from The Shining, the carpet pattern from the Overlook Hotel, room number 237, Jack Torrance axe, vampire’s face from Salem’s Lot, and Cujo’s portrait. You can easily make your own unique Stephen King tattoo by using your favorite moment from any one of his books.

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland Tattoos – Written in 1865 by Lewis Carroll this classic novel on which Disney’s Alice in Wonderland is based. The imagery in this story is largely whimsical, so it makes for awesome tattoo design ideas. Any number of images can be used from the book to create a vividly stunning tattoo, like: the Mad Hatter’s hat, dishes from the Tea Party, the Cheshire cat and his smile, the Queen of Hearts, the looking glass, the white rabbit, and alice herself. Anything from this book has potential to create visually appealing works of body art.

A Clockwork Orange Tattoos – A Clockwork Orange is a dystopian 1962 classic novel adapted into an equally cult classic film directed by Stanley Kubrick in 1971. The book and movie are full of disturbing imagery and odd symbols, all of which can make great tattoo designs for fans of this story. Symbols that can be representative of the story include such things as: Alex’ bowler hat, Alex’s portrait, a triangle, an eye with long bottom lashes, a glass of milk, an abstract design incorporating black, white and orange, an orange, a gang of guys, quotes from the book, a gear, and a cane. The ultraviolent book has some unique imagery associated with it, so fans of the book are sure to recognize where your tattoo inspiration has come from.

The Little Prince Tattoos – Le Petit Prince is a 1943 French novella about an adult man meeting his inner child. This book resonates with a lot of people, which is why it has remained popular for last several decades, even inspiring an English film adaptation in 2015. One of the most famous images from the book, and one that is popularly used for tattoo design, is that of a boy and a fox sitting side by side on the moon looking out into space. Some other iconic symbols from the book are designs like: a baobab tree, a baobab tree cover by a glass dome, stars, a fox, an elephant in a boa constrictor, a ringed planet, stars, a boy on an flowery planet with space in the background, a boy with a long trailing scarf, a cratered moon, and a boy holding onto a flock of birds tied with strings. This melancholy book contains some powerful images which can be used for exceptional tattoo design ideas.

Reading Tattoo Ideas – For lovers of reading, you don’t necessarily have to get a tattoo about a specific book to illustrate your literary enjoyment, especially if you have more than one favorite. You can showcase your love of books by getting tattoos that symbolize reading and books themselves, such as: a stack of books, a stack of books with titles of some of your top picks on the spines, one book open with a page turning, an open book with birds or words flying out, a book and a feather quill, or, simply, a single novel.

Literary Quote Tattoos – Famous and notable quotes from well known books can be used for beautiful and meaningful tattoo designs done in scriptwork style. You could take a line that resonates with you from your favorite book, an entire block of text that you feel is meaningful to your life, or a single word from a novel that you’ve read and enjoyed. There are hundreds of thousands of quotes that could make potential book tattoo ideas, the first step is to choose a book to take your inspiration from.

There’s always a way to show your love of books through tattoos, you just need to come up with a tattoo idea that suits the novel. Whether you want a tattoo that depicts your interest in reading, or one that’s dedicated to your favorite work of literature, there are endless options to what kinds of designs you can get – it just takes a little imagination and bit of inspiration.
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Horoscope Tattoo Ideas

Horoscope tattoos are one of the most popular tattoo ideas out there, and for good reason – each of the zodiac signs has different symbols, meanings and associations to them, all of which are unique to that constellation. If you’re looking for tattoo ideas, we’re laying out some of the possibilities you could choose from. First, decide whether you want a simple design or something more complex, and what style you like before you hone in on a specific tattoo idea – it’ll make life easier for you and your chosen artist. Read on to find out more about your horoscope sign, and what kinds of things you should include in your tattoo design.

Scorpio Tattoo Ideas – When it comes to Scorpio tattoo ideas, you have quite a few options. While the obvious association would be a Scorpion, the Scorpio sign is actually also linked to the eagle and phoenix. Any tattoo design involving those 3 animals can be representative of the Scorpio zodiac sign. This constellation is also a water sign, so you could incorporate water into the tattoo design as well to really make it clear that you’re repping your star sign. Scorpio has two ruling planets, Mars and Pluto, so to add more detail to your Scorpio tattoo design consider some of the elements from these planets.

Aquarius Tattoo Ideas – Aquarius is a water-bearer sign that’s typically represented by waves. This can be a simple tattoo design involving a double layered wave, or you could include essentially any idea that involves water. Water being poured from an ancient greek jug is another classic symbol of this star sign. It’s ruling planet is Uranus, so if you want to add more detail you could incorporate this planet into your Aquarius tattoo ideas.

Capricorn Tattoo Ideas – Capricorn isn’t just a horned goat, is the sea-goat sign, so you can get creative with this one. A design that’s half horned goat and half mermaid would be the perfect idea for a Capricorn tattoo. Oddly enough, this is an earth sign, so if you want to use all of the symbols of this constellation, use the earth element in your design idea. The ruling planet for Capricorn is Saturn, which can be used to add more details to your tattoo design idea.

Taurus Tattoo Ideas – The most stubborn of the star signs, Taurus is represented by the mighty bull. It’s considered a feminine sign, ruled by Venus. A bull in any form, with or without the classic nose ring, can be a symbol for the Taurus zodiac, but to add more detail you can include it’s element in your design as well, which is earth.

Cancer Tattoo Ideas – Cancer is a water sign that’s ruled by the moon, so these are a couple of details you could include with your zodiac tattoo. The main image is typically a crab, but you have a couple of design options here. You can go with the animal for the symbol of your Cancer star sign, or go with what looks like a horizontal 69 if you choose a simpler design scheme. These in addition to it’s finer detail likes the moon and water elements can make for a clear Cancer tattoo.

Gemini Tattoo Ideas – Commonly known as the twin star sign, Gemini is representative of the mythological siblings Castor and Pollux. Any kind of symbol that represents twins can be indicative off the Gemini sign, including simple roman numerals with lines across the top and bottom, to twin animals, or people. Gemini is ruled by the planet Mercury, and its element is air, which can both be used to add a bit more depth and detail to the tattoo design.

Sagittarius Tattoo Ideas – Sagittarius is another star sign that gives you a few different options for design ideas. It’s symbol is the archer, which can be represented by a bow and cocked arrow, a figure holding a bow and arrow, or most classically, a centaur with a bow and arrow that’s ready to fire. Sagittarius is a fire sign, and its ruling planet is Jupiter so add these details if you want a more complex tattoo design.

Leo Tattoo Ideas – The lion is the king of the jungle and Leo is the king is the king of the star signs. Leo is most recognized by its lion symbol, so any design that involves the king of the pride can be representative of the Leo zodiac sign. In true ruling fashion, Leo is ruled by the sun, and its element, not surprisingly, is fire.

Aries Tattoo Ideas – Don’t confuse this horned figure for the Taurus zodiac, because they’re completely different symbols. The Aries sign is represented by the ram, and can be easily mixed up with a bull if you’re not careful. To make it clear that your tattoo design is the Aries ram, you can add in elements of fire, and the ruling planet Mars. This is the masculine opposite of the bull, which is ruled by the feminine Venus.

Virgo Tattoo Ideas – Virgo is the symbol for the virgin, which can represented in a couple of different ways. The maiden is most often associated with this zodiac sign, but that can be symbolized using either a female figure, or the tarot card maiden bird. A slightly less literal interpretation is that of the letter ‘m’ with a loop at the end of it. Virgo is ruled by Mercury, is an earth sign, so these elements can be added for additional details.

Libra Tattoo Ideas – Libra is often associated with the scales of justice, because that’s exactly what they represent. The scales for this star sign are more about being fair and balanced than just, but a scale is the classic symbol for this constellation. Libra is ruled over by the feminine Venus, like Taurus, and its element is earth, which can be used to add some complexity to your Libra tattoo design.

Pisces Tattoo Ideas – The symbol associated with Pisces is the fish, but not just one fish. Pisces is made up of two fish, side by side, one facing up and one facing down. The element for this star sign, as you may have guessed is, water, which makes for an easy tattoo pairing. The ruling planet for Pisces is Neptune, or Poseidon in ancient Greek lore, so you can get really creative with this constellation tattoo design.

Whatever your zodiac sign is, these symbols make for great tattoo ideas. Using the classic elements and traditional figures assigned to each constellation, it’s easy to rep your specific horoscope in a way that’s unique to you.
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Religious Tattoo Ideas

Religion plays a huge role in many people’s’ lives, and wanting to represent one’s faith using tattoos can be a great way to honor that. Different religions have different symbols and meanings associated with them, so we put together some of the most common ones that can be used to help you come up with some religious tattoo ideas. Read on to find out what kinds of symbols are linked to different denominations of faith.

Catholic Tattoo Ideas – There are a number of symbols representing catholicism that can make for great Catholic tattoo ideas. The most recognizable and meaningful symbols that can be used include: a crucifix, Alpha and Omega, a cross, the Sacred Heart, IHS and Chi-Rho, a fish, fleur de lis, a dove, crossed keys, a lamb, a rosary, angels, and praying hands. Quotes from scripture or the bible that resonate with you and where you are in your life are great ideas for script tattoos as well.

Jewish Tattoo Ideas – Judaism has a ton of meaningful symbolism that can be used for tattoo ideas if you’re a following of the faith. These symbols include: the menorah, four species, shofar, Star of David, the letter Shin, tablets of stone, Lion of Judah, Chai symbol, and hamsa. Quotes from the Torah that are meaningful to your life can also be great tattoo ideas.

Muslim Tattoo Ideas – While there aren’t any specific symbols denoting the Islamic religion, a commonly used one that associated with this sect is that the crescent moon with a star, as well as the color green. Calligraphy script using phrases from the Quran are the most meaningful symbols of Islam that could be used for tattoos.

Buddhist Tattoo Ideas – There are different sects of Buddhism so symbols vary depending on what kind of Buddhism you’re looking to represent. There are some symbols, however, that carry across most forms of the religion that can be used as tattoo ideas, including: the lotus flower, the mandala (or endless knot), goldenfish, victory banner, Wheel of Dharma, treasure vase, parasol, and conch shell. Imagery of specific deities can also be used, like that of Buddha himself.

Christian Tattoo Ideas – Many of the symbols associated with Christianity are the same as those for Catholicism, but with some additional options. Christian symbols include: the cross, Ichthys, Alpha and Omega, Staurogram, Chi-Rho, IH monogram, IX monogram, the Good Shepherd, doves, a peacock, a pelican, an anchor, shamrock, lily crucifix, and elemental symbols. Sacramental quotes and icon imagery, like that of Christ or the Virgin Mary, are also powerful signs in Christianity which can be used in tattoos.

Representing your religion through tattoos can be a powerful and meaningful way to keep your faith close to you. Knowing what kinds of symbolism to use and how to use it can make for an even better tattoo design, depending on what message you’re hoping to send with your ink.
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Simple Tattoo Ideas

Sometimes you want a new tattoo but you don’t want something big and complicated. This could be because you’re adding smaller pieces around an existing larger tattoo, or you just want a tattoo that’s cute and easily hideable. When approaching small simple tattoo ideas, less tends to be more. We’ve put together some small simple tattoo ideas to help you figure out what route to go for this kind of ink. Read on to get inspired for your next simple tattoo.

Flower Tattoos – Flowers are extremely versatile in the tattoo world, and they just happen to make some of the best cute tattoo ideas. They’re a classic tattoo design with lots of meaning, and are easily done in simple and minimalistic patterns. They can also be added to if you choose to expand your tattoo down the road. Some popular simple tattoo ideas for flowers include: a blooming flower, a flower with stem outline, a bunch of flower heads, and a flower silhouette. It’s up to you to choose which species of flower you want to use, and from there, how much of the plant you want in your tattoo design.

Animal Tattoos – While they also work great for complex tattoo designs, animals can also make super cute tattoo ideas when done right. Small outlines of animal bodies, heads or paw prints are a few examples of cute tattoo ideas that fit perfectly with an animal theme. Animal skulls also work with as simple tattoo ideas, because they don’t need a lot of detail to be clear and visually appealing. Geometric animals are another kind of simple, cool tattoo idea that can be used to work with this theme. Animals have very different meanings so read up and choose one that fits you best.

Micro Tattoos – When you think of small simple tattoo ideas, it’s likely that some kind of micro tattoo design is what comes to mind. Micro tattoos can make both cute tattoos and cool tattoo ideas, depending on the specifics of the design. Due to the size of these tattoos, they work best with less detail, because small areas that are saturated with complexity don’t tend to age as well as simpler ones. Micro tattoos are those that are the size of a quarter or smaller, so keep that in mind when you’re considering the specifics of what you want in your design.

Hearts Tattoos – Possibly one of the top simple tattoo ideas, hearts carry a lot of meaning and can work with practically any style, size and complexity of tattoo design. Heart tattoos look great any way you choose to get them, whether they’re in black and grey, a simple outline, in color, a cluster or line of hearts, or as an accent to a large piece. If you’re on the hunt for a small, simple tattoo idea then a heart tattoo might be the best place for you to start.

Outline Tattoos – In terms of simple, minimalist artwork, outlines make some of the best cool tattoo ideas. Simple outlines of just about anything can be into great tattoos, from animals and people, to flowers and plants, or even planets and space themes. Outline tattoos are especially great for abstract designs that are on the simpler side, such as a facial profile or a full body. Designs done in this simple style can pack more visual punch than a piece that’s huge and complexly detailed, as long as it’s done right.

Silhouette Tattoos – Similar to outline tattoos, silhouette tattoos are another top choice for minimalist tattoo ideas. Silhouettes have more shading and bit more detail than outlines, while still remaining simplistic in the overall appearance. Silhouette tattoos are more about the absence of color to accentuate the shape that’s being outlined, leaving a lot of room for creativity of cool tattoo ideas using this style. Design ideas that work best with silhouettes include things like faces, facial profiles, human figures, animal bodies and faces, flowers, and simplistic scene work.

If you’re thinking of small simple tattoo ideas, whether that be cute tattoo ideas or cool tattoo ideas, remember that in this case, size matters. The more complex you want your design to be, the bigger it will have to be, and at that point it enters into a different territory of tattoo altogether. Leave out any unnecessary details and keep things minimalistic if you’re going for a simple tattoo design, especially if you want one that’s smaller than the palm of your hand.
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Tattoo Filler Ideas

Once you’ve amassed a certain number of tattoos, it becomes necessary to look into negative space tattoos to fill up some of the empty space between your ink. You could be looking to fill in unused areas, link your ink to become an overall theme, or connect your different tattoos to form a sleeve. Whatever your reasons are, we’ve put together some of the most popular tattoo filler ideas to inspire you to come up with your own gap fillers. Read on to see our top suggestions for these tattoo designs.

Clouds – Clouds can be great tattoo filler ideas, especially if you’re looking for something ethereal or simple to fill in the negative space of your tattoos. Clouds can represent a few different things, like overcoming a storm, a storm itself, or remembering someone who has passed. Cloud tattoo can be done in a few different ways, such as: light and fluffy looking, dark and stormy, clouds parting with light shining through, or light with some simple shading. Depending on the meaning that you want your tattoo filler ideas to add to the overall piece impacts what kind of clouds you would get in your tattoo design.

Stars – Stars offer a wide variety of tattoo filler ideas, so you have a ton of options to choose from with this one. Each type of star tattoo design can have a different meaning, so keep that in mind when you’re choosing which kind of star you want to use as tattoo filler in your ink. Star tattoo design work with any style so it’s easy to match these fillers to your overall tattoo theme with these. Some potential ideas include: nautical stars, graffiti-style stars, Traditional stars, simple twinkling stars, stars with tribal swirls, and a trail of stars between larger designs.

Flora – Flowers, herbs, trees, vines, and plants can be excellent tattoo filler ideas whether you want this part of your ink to have meaning or not. Plants and flowers are classic tattoo designs that can be used as standalone tattoos, or for negative space tattoos, adding natural flow to any design idea. Consider the theme of your tattoos before you pick what kind of flora you would want to add, and consult with your tattoo artist on their thoughts too.

Color – Using color for filler tattoo ideas can create a unique and eye-popping addition to your ink. You don’t even need to use any particular design, just color alone can be a visually interesting addition. Things like watercolor curls, flowing colors, or solid color to fill in areas are some easy ways to fill in negative space between your many tattoos.

Birds – There are actually a few different ways that birds can be used as tattoo filler ideas. Several bird species are associated with certain meanings, and can be used to alter the meaning of your tattoo. Birds also work in any style of tattooing, the most commonly used as fillers being Traditional or Neo-Traditional. In terms of tattoo filler ideas, different parts of birds can work, such as: one or a pair of wings, a bird’s head, a head and wings, or a full bird including the body. What you choose depends mainly on what meaning you want it to have, and how much (or little) space you have to fill.

Waves – Waves are one of the more popular tattoo design ideas out there, and they work perfectly for filling the gap between tattoos as well. Using waves as fillers gives you some diversity in terms of style and complexity, and go particularly well with tattoos that have a water-related theme. Simple lines or waves with some shading can make connections to your other body art, because no matter how they’re done, waves are always recognizable. Simply choose how detailed you want the waves to be and let your artist fill in the rest (literally).

Shading – Using shading as a tattoo filler idea works best if you have a lot of ink that you’re looking to connect, such as a tattoo sleeve that you add flow to. Different degrees of shading can impact the look of your tattoos and give it certain meanings. Darker shading, for example, can add to a tattoo and have it take on a darker, more ominous meaning that it would have otherwise, while light shade work can add depth and work to connect your other tattoos. Shading can be a great way to fill in negative spaces among your tattoos.

Geometric Designs – Geometry makes great tattoo designs, both as larger tattoos on their own, or as fillers for negative space tattoos. Sacred geometry holds a lot of meaning and links us to the universe, but it can also be an ideal way to link your different tattoos. Simple lines or dots, for instance, can make visually appealing geometric fillers to any tattoos. Some of the most commonly used geometric tattoo filler ideas, aside from dot and linework, include: circles in various sizes, triangles with different angles, squares, and gemstone shapes.

No matter how many or what kinds of tattoos you have, there are a wide variety of tattoo filler ideas out there to choose from. Whether you’re filling in negative space between sleeve designs, or looking to connect many tattoos into cohesive overall design, using designs that match the theme of your tattoos is a key factor in what kinds of fillers you should add. We’ve mentioned some of the most popular choices for negative space tattoos, but your options really are endless.
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Cool Tattoo Ideas for Men

If you’re on the hunt for cool tattoo ideas for men, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve put together some of the top tattoo ideas for men available to help inspire you for your next piece of ink. Whether you want something that’s meaningful and special, or simply looks badass, you’ll find a tattoo design idea that works for you. Read on to see our suggestions for cool tattoo ideas for men.

Skull Tattoo Ideas – There’s a ton of variety available for skull tattoo ideas depending what kind of meaning and association you want linked to your tattoo design. Some of the top designs for skull tattoos include: a flaming skull, death skull, skull in a clock face, skull in headdress, skull with roses, skulls with snake through eye sockets, a collection of skulls, skull with no bottom jaw, king skull, dia de los muertos skull, corroded skull, and a devil skull. You can add any additional details to your skull tattoo to make it personal and unique to you, while also altering the overall meaning of the ink to suit your needs.

Rose Tattoo Ideas – Roses can be added to any tattoo idea, and used in any size, style or placement, making it one of the most versatile tattoo designs out there. Rose tattoo designs are great for hand tattoos because of the contours and size of the area. Roses used in men’s tattoos are most often done in a realistic style, either in color or, more commonly, black and grey. Adding details like dew drops and thorns can have the rose tattoo design take on different meanings, depending on what message you want your tattoo to send.

Tribal Tattoo Ideas – Tribal tattoos are all about bold linework and a badass appearance. Unless you’re getting a traditional Polynesian tattoo, or some other kind of culturally traditional tribal tattoo there aren’t really any templates that you need to go by. Any artist can put something together for you based on you telling them that you want a bold, blackwork tribal tattoo design.

Compass Tattoo Ideas – There are a few different meanings behind compass tattoos, one of the most common ones being representative of finding one’s way. Compass tattoos can be done alongside a map of a specific place, on its own as a standalone tattoo, or with accompanying details that are meaningful to you. First you need to choose what tattoo style you want your compass tattoo design to be in, and then you can go ahead and decide on details like color or black and grey.

Clock Tattoo Ideas – Clock tattoos are another one of the more popular tattoo ideas for men. Clocks area associated with several meanings, not just the passage of time. Clock tattoos work in most sizes depending on the amount of detail you want included, and are best done in realistic style. If you want to add something extra to your tattoo design, consider combining the clock with a rose or a skull, as these items can add additional meaning and depth to any clock tattoo design.

Eye Tattoo Ideas – One of the top tattoo designs for men are eyes, because they have ton of meaning associated with them. There are a ton of options for different kinds of eye tattoo designs, mostly depending on which tattoo style you choose to go with and what kinds of details you want incorporated. Some eye tattoo ideas include: a crying eye, a realistic eye, a realistic eye with an image reflected in the iris, an all-seeing eye, the eye of Horus, an animal eye, or an abstract eye. If you want to your eye tattoo to have a particular meaning, look into some design combinations to make the message of your tattoo especially unique.

Anchor Tattoo Ideas – Anchor tattoos aren’t just for sailors anymore. Anchors have a lot of meaning linked to them, and they aren’t all strictly nautical. Anchors make great standalone tattoos, or they can be combined with other design ideas to alter its meaning and add some depth. Some ideas for anchor tattoos include: an anchor on its own, an anchor with ribbons of text across it, an anchor as the arrows in a compass, an anchor that makes the shape of a ship, an anchor with chains, an anchor with rope, a ship wheel and anchor, or an anchor with flowers.

Script Tattoo Ideas – The bolder the script, the more masculine its appearance, so if this is the look you’re going for, you need to choose the right font. Fonts that have a bold, gothic look typically work great with tattoo ideas for men. If your tattoo idea has a special meaning and you want it to stand for a specific person, consider having their handwriting traced as your tattoo font. There are an endless number of font options for script tattoos, but for a more masculine tattoo look, stick with fonts that are more bold and rough in appearance.

Dragon Tattoo Ideas – Dragons come in many forms, and are especially meaningful in Japanese and Chinese cultures. In terms of options, there are quite a few ways that dragons can be used in tattoo designs, such as: a dragon wrapped around a skull, a winged dragon, a serpentine dragon, a dragon face, a fire breathing dragon, a tribal style dragon, a dragon wrapped around a cross, a dragon eye, a devil faced dragon, a Chinese new year dragon, and an anime dragon.

Animal Tattoo Ideas – Certain animals are linked to certain meanings, so depending on what kind of message you want for your tattoo, the animal you choose plays a huge role. Some of the more popular and masculine animals that can are used in cool tattoo ideas for men include: bears, lions, tigers, wolves, snakes, spiders, and sharks. Each of the species of animal stands as a symbol for some meaning or other, so consider what you want your tattoo to say and you’ll find the best animal fit for your tattoo design.

There are several choices when it comes to cool tattoo ideas for men, it just comes down to what kind of meaning and appearance you ultimately want your tattoo to have. These are just some of the more popular tattoo ideas for men, all of which can easily be personalized to be unique to you.
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Cool Tattoo Ideas for Women

Looking for some inspiration on coming up with cool tattoo ideas for women? Look no further! We’ve put together some of the top tattoo ideas for women to help you make sure your next tattoo is cool, feminine, and unique. Whether this is your first tattoo or part of your ongoing collection, you’ve come to the right place to gather some inspiration. Read on to see some of our top suggestions for cool tattoo ideas for women.

Flower Tattoo Ideas – Flowers are one of the most popular choices for feminine tattoo ideas, because they’re such a classic and delicate motif. Flowers are versatile and can be made to work with any size tattoo, from a small, simple tattoo, to a full sleeve of flowers. There’s no shortage of options for flower tattoo designs, as there are hundreds of flower species that could be used. Different flora have certain meanings, so depending on what kind of meaning you want for your tattoo design, you could use flowers like: roses, lilies, hydrangeas, peonies, sunflowers, tulips, daisies, poppies, and wildflowers, just to name a few possibilities.

Mandala Tattoo Ideas – There are a few different meanings associated with mandalas, and these geometric tattoo designs can be combined with almost any style to make it a tattoo that’s completely unique to you. The most popular combination for mandala tattoo designs is with flowers and floral motifs, especially if you’re looking for more feminine tattoo ideas. Mandalas can be simple and small, or they can be ongoing, repeating ad infinum to make a half sleeve tattoo or sleeve tattoo. These geometric beauties can be used in combination with animals, crystals, and color to make a more complex design.

Script Tattoo Ideas – Depending on what kind font you use, script tattoos can make for the perfect dainty tattoo ideas. For these kinds of tattoo ideas you can use just about anything, from personal quotes that you live your day to day life by, from lines of literature from your favorite books. Phrases from the bible, books, movies, or TV that resonate with you can be the best ideas for script tattoos, and in some cases, the simpler the better. Single lines of script are especially dainty tattoo ideas, but blocks of text done in a particularly elegant font can make the tattoo look more feminine as well.

Animal Skull Tattoo Ideas – Animal skulls may not be an obvious choice, but they can be some very cool tattoo ideas for women. Certain animal skulls are better than others for tattoo designs, but it’s up to you which animal you want to use, depending on the meaning you want associated with your ink. Adding details and elements to your animal skull tattoo can alter the meaning as well, so consider some of the things that you would to combine with an animal skull to make into a more feminine tattoo design. Things like flowers, geometric shapes, stars, moons, and dotwork can contribute to the overall design of an animal skull tattoo.

Animal Tattoo Ideas – Certain animals are linked with specific meanings, so if you’re looking for your tattoo design to mean something in particular, do a bit of research on which animal symbolizes what. Some of the most popular animals to be used in tattoo designs include: wolves, lions, birds, bears, cats, tigers, bats, rhinos, and elephants. Adding certain elements like flowers or geometric details can make an animal tattoo unique, so consider some small details that you like and which go with the particular animal you’ve chosen for your tattoo design.

Arrow Tattoo Ideas – Arrow tattoos almost always make for dainty tattoo ideas, so if you after a particularly feminine tattoo idea, an arrow could be your best bet. Arrows may seem like a straightforward tattoo idea, but arrows carry quite a few meanings. And there are many options for variations that you can use, such as: a single arrow, multiple arrows, script of a word making the shaft of an arrow, a heart for the tip of the arrow, an arrow piercing something, or a figure shooting with a bow and arrow. Greek Goddesses like Artemis, for instance, are linked with the bow and arrow, so figures like her with an arrow could be a good option for feminine tattoo ideas.

Moon Tattoo Ideas – Moons are a great choice for particularly feminine tattoo ideas, because the moon has historically been linked to femininity. There are eight distinct phases of the moon, each of which can be used as a different phase in life, so you can use these images to mirror your own growth and life situations. The phases of the moon are: new moon, waxing crescent, first quarter, waxing gibbous, full moon, waning gibbous, third quarter, and waning crescent.

Witchy Tattoo Ideas – Some of the best tattoo ideas for women have witchy elements, and this kind of tattoo design is quickly gaining popularity. Witches have some feminist associations with them, so tattoo ideas that utilize some classic witch motifs can make powerful, yet subtle, feminist tattoo designs. Witchy tattoo elements include: phases of the moon (especially crescent), bird skulls, rope, bats, broomsticks, witch hats, female figures, the triple goddess, animal skulls, plants like lavender or fern, potions, and fire. Using any combination of these motifs can make powerfully feminine tattoo ideas.

There are a number of options to choose from if you’re looking for feminine tattoo ideas, and severals way to give an ordinary tattoo design a dainty twist. Some tattoo designs like flowers and arrows are more popular than others for these kinds of tattoos, but there’s no limit to what you can come with when you use a bit of creativity. Adding some of the elements mentioned above is a surefire way to achieve a tattoo design that’s distinctly feminine and meaningful to you.
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Wedding Tattoo Ideas

For better or for worse, you and your soon-to-be spouse have decided to spend your lives together and make it legally official. There’s a lot to think about and a ton of planning involved in a wedding, but one thing that doesn’t have to be complicated it getting a wedding tattoo. We’ve put together a list of the wedding tattoo ideas to get you thinking about your big day, and to help you figure out what kind of tattoo design would work best for your own unique wedding ink. Read on to find out more.

Wedding Band Tattoos – Wedding band tattoos are one tattoo idea where you can use a lot of creativity. Not everyone likes wearing jewellery, and the cost of buying wedding bands can add up, so the alternative could be getting inked instead. There’s always the option of having a simple line making a wedding band, but there’s also the potential to use designs to make up the band, like: a celtic design, script, hearts, your wedding date, or branches.

Hercules Knot Tattoos – Also known as the marriage knot, the Hercules knot is an ancient symbol for a binding rope; it’s the joining of two ends into a single entity. This knot also symbolizes fertility, which could be helpful depending on your plans for the future. The marriage knot can make a good couples tattoo idea which you can get before or after you’re officially married, or you can incorporate the design as a wedding band tattoo design.

King and Queen Tattoos – King and queen tattoos are a popular design choice for men and women, and they can be combined to use as a wedding tattoo. The idea here would be that the two of you are uniting your kingdoms (families) and reigning over them together. You could also get a K and Q on your ring finger instead of a band, symbolizing your commitment to one another if you aren’t fans of wearing traditional wedding bands.

Heart Tattoos – Heart tattoos are a simple and easy tattoo design, and one that’s super common in the tattoo scene. Heart tattoos have a variety of meaning associated with them, so if you want a wedding tattoo that includes heart and has more meaning than simply looking nice, do a bit of research into the different types. You can pretty much anything with a heart tattoo design, especially if you’re looking at wedding tattoo ideas. You could get a heart with your names or wedding date inside, have a heart in which the shape is made up of your wedding date, or a simple heart on your ring finger. While one of the most common tattoo design ideas, hearts can also be one of the most versatile.

Yin and Yang Tattoos – Your spouse is the yin to your yang, so why not commemorate this sentiment by using the idea for a wedding tattoo? You could do this a few different ways, but the one that would work best in terms of wedding tattoo ideas would be to have one side of the yin yang on each of you. The concept of a yin yang is a Chinese philosophy wherein opposing forces combine to make a connected and empowering unit. If you feel that this idea applies to your relationship and your marriage, this could be the perfect wedding tattoo idea for you.

Puzzle Piece Tattoos – Is your spouse the piece that’s been missing in the puzzle of your life? If life feels more complete with them in it, then puzzle pieces might be a great way to go for marriage tattoo ideas. The concept is pretty self explanatory, and gives quite a bit of leeway for creativity. Any combination of puzzle pieces, or locks and keys, can represent this idea, so incorporate elements that each of you like and things you do together to make up a complete design idea.

X and O Tattoos – XO, believe it or not, is a military abbreviation which stands for an exclusive officer. This makes sense when applied to monogamous relationships, especially marriage, because the two of you are exclusive to each other. It’s also a symbol for hugs and kisses, but either way, it works with marriage tattoo ideas, and simple couples tattoo ideas in general.

Infinity Symbol Tattoos – The infinity symbol is a symbol for the infinite, forever, and unending. This can easily be applied to marriage, which is a vow to be with your spouse for the rest of your lives, which makes it ideal for wedding tattoo ideas. You could a simple, minimalist route with the symbol done in linework, or you could add some flare to it but including your names and/or wedding dates to the tattoo design. Infinity symbols can be done in any size, so you need to decide where you want it to go before picking how big you want it to be.

Wedding Date Tattoos – Your wedding day is a day that you’ll remember forever, and chances are you’ll celebrate the anniversary of the day annually. As one of the more important days in your lives, using this date for a wedding tattoo can be an easy, meaningful way to commemorate that. You have a ton of options in terms of how you can use the date in a design, such as: using the date to make a specific shape (like a heart), including the date in an existing matching tattoo that you two have together, or having the date on its own as a simple piece of script work. You also have options in terms of how you want the date presenting, like using roman numerals, mathematical numbers, or words to spell out the day in detail.

There are a number of ways you could go with wedding tattoo ideas, it just comes down to what’s meaningful to the two of you. You could forego the traditional of wearing wedding band jewelry and have a tattoo done in the form of one instead, or you could get matching tattoos that symbolize your bond and relationship. Any tattoo design you choose will hold meaning for you and your spouse, and stand as a permanent symbol of your marriage.

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