Biomechanical tattoos are a whole new category of modern art, combining robotics and biology to create an entirely new artform and means of expression. With the growing popularity of these types of tattoo designs, we wanted to look into biomechanical art a little further. We look into where this type of design came from, what kinds of meanings they can take on, and found some of the top tattoo designs using the biomechanical style. Read on to find out more about the unique tattoo style.

Turning Gears: A Look at Biomechanical Tattoos

Biomechanical art has traceable origins, and it doesn’t come from a source that you may have guessed. It’s no secret that art influences life, and a big part of that comes from the film industry. Biomechanical as an artform comes from a little movie from the late 1970s called Alien. Not only did the movie give us one of the first notable strong female leads in the sci-fi and horror genre, but it inspired a tattoo artform that’s been gaining in popularity ever since.

Origins and Meanings

The hallmark of a biomechanical tattoo design is the mimicking of human body parts using machinery and mechanical components. So instead of bones you’d be looking at gears or pistons, for example. Biomechanical tattoos are made of a number of visually interesting elements that can be linked back to mechanics and robotics. These types of tattoo designs are great in that each one is completely unique and allows for creative expression from both the artist and the wearer of the tattoo. Using a combination of details and colors, the tattoo can take on a complex or simple design that’s stunning to look at.

There are a few different meanings and associations that can be linked to biomechanical tattoos, it just depends on the context of the piece overall. Some connotations are more obvious than others but this type of tattoo allows for a lot of creative expressions through a unique style, especially if you’re after a more subtle approach to a meaningful tattoo.

If you’re looking for a tattoo that screams modernity, then biomechanical might just be the perfect option for you. These types of tattoos represent modern society and robotics like nothing else, and are done by highly skilled artists that are familiar with the style. For fans of technology and robots wanting to showcase that love through tattoos, a biomechanical tattoo can be the perfect way to do that. Biomechanical tattoos also represent creativity, in that the designs, by their nature, incorporate a ton of that exact idea. Coming up with a design in this style requires a creative mind, especially if your goal is to use the design to illustrate a specific idea, so if you’re looking for a tattoo style that will go above and beyond the usual design tropes in the industry, this is the perfect medium to look into.

Key Elements of a Biomechanical Tattoo

Biomechanical tattoos have a very identifiable look to them, but there are certain elements that have come to be expected in order to take a tattoo into biomechanical territory. Things like rods and pipes, or gears and levers are typically incorporated into tattoo designs for biomechanical art. Computer chips can also be found in a number of these types of tattoos, especially those that have a high tech or digital aesthetic.

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