Stars are a brilliant part of nature that we share with all of our ancestors. For centuries, humans have studied, painted, and admired these radiant celestial bodies. Since the invention of the telesc...

Celestial Tattoo Meanings

Stars are a brilliant part of nature that we share with all of our ancestors. For centuries, humans have studied, painted, and admired these radiant celestial bodies. Since the invention of the telescope, we’ve been able to explore our galaxy even further, spotting planets, moons, and comets–even turning some planets back into dwarf planets. Many astronomical tattoo designs are based on ancient symbols representing the components of the solar system. For the star-gazers of you, we’ve compiled a list of stellar celestial tattoo meanings.

Celestial Tattoo Dictionary

Aquarius: otherwise known as the Water-Bearer, the Aquarius is the sign of the Sun. People with this sign are known for their peacefulness and friendliness. This symbol is represented by a simple black wave outline.

Aries: the Aries symbol is a ram, and people with this sign are known for their bravery and enthusiasm.

Cancer: symbolized by a crab, those with a Cancer sign are known for their empathy, intuition, and sensitivity.

Capricorn: this sun sign is symbolized by a sea goat, and these people are interestingly known for both their prudence and their ambition.

Constellation: dots connected by straight lines, representing patterns of stars in the sky. The constellation is symbolic of strength, persistence, and interconnectedness.

Fiery Comet: a flying comet with a fire tail, symbolizing swift and powerful force.

Gemini: famous for their dual nature, the gemini sign is symbolized by twins. These people are known to be flexible, free-spirited, and sometimes two-faced.

Jupiter: a curled ‘4’ symbol representing expansion, optimism, and bounty.

Leo: confident and independent, the leo sign is represented by a lion.

Libra: symbolized by the balance scale, people with this sign are known for their even nature and their leadership qualities.

Mars: a circle symbol with an arrow pointing North East, representing action, desire, and aggression.

Mercury: a flecked circle topped on a cross, symbolizing communication, intellect, and reason.

Moon: a crescent shaped moon that symbolizes emotions and intuition.

Moon Phase: a vertical line showing separate profiles of the moon’s shape at each stage of the cycle.This represents the cyclical nature of time.

Neptune: a pitchfork figure, symbolic of integration, transcending the individual, and loss of distinction.

Pisces: symbolized by two fish swimming in opposite directions, people with this sun sign are known for their compassion, kindness, and idealism.

Pluto: an L combined with a P, symbolic of transition, life cycles, and compulsion.

Sagittarius: represented by an archer, those with the Sagittarius sign are known for their adventurous and humorous nature.

Saturn: a curled ‘n’ with a crossed stem, representing restriction, responsibility, and protection.

Scorpio: symbolized by a scorpion, these people are known for their strength, passion, and secretiveness.

Sun: a circle with a bold border and a dot in its centre, representing vitality and the self.

Sun-and-Moon: a half moon face and half sun face, representing love and the harmony of two opposing forces.

Taurus: ruled by Venus and represented by a bull, those with the Taurus sign are recognized for their patience, reliability, and stubbornness.

Uranus: a loop with an arrow through its stem, representing change, breakthrough, and new energy.

Virgo: represented by the virgin, and sometimes the Virgin Mary, this sun sign represents a group of people who are reserved, critical, and hard-working.

Venus: a cross topped with a circle, representing love, beauty, and art.

If the stars are all aligned, and some of these ideas speak to you, check out some of the designs in the images below!

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