Small tattoos can hold big meaning. They are a growing trend among men and women and a great first foray into the tattoo world.

The Beauty of a Simple Tattoo

If you’ve been paying attention to tattoo trends in recent years, especially among women and celebrities, you may have noticed one specific trend absolutely explode in popularity. We’re talking about simple, tiny tattoos. It seems like everywhere you look somebody’s got one, with stars such as Miley Cyrus, Ariana Grande, Halsey, and the Jenner sisters rocking them with pride.

If you’re thinking of getting a small tattoo, this is the article for you. We’ll give you the full guide to little tats, from why they’re so popular to what styles and locations work best with them.

The Allure of Small Tattoos

So why are these small tattoos so wildly popular right now? There are several reasons.

First, small tattoos are a great way to start getting into tattooing. It’s much easier and less intimidating to get a little tattoo as your first one instead of a bigger piece that will take longer and potentially hurt more. Although small tattoos are just as permanent as larger ones, they feel like less intense of a commitment, which makes them more accessible to more people who don’t want or aren’t ready to take the plunge of getting a big tattoo.

Another advantage of small tattoos is that they’re easy to hide, which is useful for people who have jobs that don’t allow tattoos, judgmental families, or simply don’t want to have their tattoo out and about, visible for all to see. This may especially be the case if the tattoo has a particularly private meaning.

One other reason why somebody might get a small tattoo is that it simply allows them to get more tattoos total. Because smaller tattoos take up less skin real estate than larger ones, you can ultimately fit many more of them – even up to hundreds – on your body. If you like the sticker book approach to tattooing or just have so many tattoo ideas that you can’t narrow it down to a few, you may want to get smaller tattoos as a way to leave more skin space open on your body for others.

In contrast, there are people who get small tattoos specifically to fill in space around a larger tattoo in order to make the skin look more well-balanced. For example, many people who have multiple large tattoos that come together to look like a sleeve will often get small tattoos as filler in the spaces between their larger ones.

Finally, small tattoos have a certain stylistic look that many people are drawn to. Cute tattoos tend to have a higher appeal to women, who usually prefer something more delicate and intricate over a big, bold, large statement piece. Of course, this is absolutely not always the case. Plenty of women prefer to go big with their tattoos, and lots of men like to get adorable small tattoos. But it’s a generalization that is more or less accurate.

Small Tattoo Styles

There are certain tattooing styles that are particularly well-suited for smaller, simpler tattoos. Here are some that are a great fit.

Minimalist Tattoos

Sun and Flower Wrist Tattoo Design

Characterized by crisp black or colored lines, negative space, sparse color palettes, cleanliness, and simplicity, minimalist tattoos are a perfect fit to be done in a smaller size. Whether you get something like text or a simple design created with just a few lines, a minimalist style is a perfect choice for a tattoo that is smaller than the average.

Stick-and-Poke Tattoos

Small Triangle Wrist Tattoo Design Idea

While stick-and-poke is often thought of as a style of tattoo that people give themselves and their friends at home, there are also plenty of tattoo artists and studios that specialize in this style, preferring its unique and organic feel. Stick-and-pokes are great for small tattoos because they can be done simply, without the use of a tattoo machine, and won’t take too much time.

Single-Needle Tattoos

Quote on Forearm Tattoo Design

More popular in recent years, single-needle tattoos are exactly what they sound like: tattoos made using one, single tattooing needle instead of the larger, multi-needle tattoo machine that is more standard. Single-needle tattoos allow for very fine, delicate lines that create a very specific, elegant look. Using a single needle lets you create detailed designs on a very small scale, which is why this is a popular tattoo style for little tattoos.

Linework Tattoo

Small Rib Tattoo Design Idea

Linework tattoos are essentially tattoos that are created by utilizing lines of various sizes, numbers, and curvatures. With linework, graduated shading is replaced with lines. These can be both simple and complicated. Some tattoo artists can even create an entire design with just one line. Because they can be done simply, this is another common style people choose for their small tattoos.

Micro Realism Tattoo

Small Realistic Skull Tattoo Design

One specific tattoo style that is actually only suited for small tattoos is the micro realism tattoo, which is a version of the realism style that aims to replicate the exact look of a 3D object on the 2D surface of the skin. Micro realism tattoos strive for the same effect but within a much smaller scale, which can appear incredibly impressive and cool when done correctly.

Places to Get Small Tattoos

If you’re thinking about getting a small tattoo, you’re probably wondering where would be a good location on your body to do so. Here are some placements that work really well with little, simple tattoos.

Simple and Small Behind the Ear Tattoos

A bit of a more unique and quirky placement, behind the ear tattoos are a perfect choice if you’re getting something small and dainty. After all, there’s only so much room behind your ear, anyway, so you can’t go too big there. It lends itself perfectly to a little tattoo.

Simple and Small Finger Tattoos

Similar to behind the ear tattoos, the hands and fingers, in particular, are a great choice for simple and small tattoos. Many people, including stars like Ariana Grande, like to adorn their fingers with lots of little linework tattoos that come together to create a more impactful effect. That being said, you can also keep it just to one tattoo on one finger if you want the very dainty look.

Simple and Small Foot and Ankle Tattoos

As they’re already a pretty well-hidden spot, the foot is a great location for people who want to get small tattoos because they prefer something on the more hidden and low-key side. The side of the foot along the instep is an especially great location for small tattoos, which come out looking quite delicate and beautiful here.

Simple and Small Wrist Tattoos

One more location that is a perfect fit for small, simple tattoos is the wrist, which is a particularly delicate part of the body that looks great when adorned with a tattoo of a similarly graceful style. When looking through simple tattoo inspiration photos, you’ll notice that wrist tattoos are a particularly popular location.

Simple and Small Rib Tattoos

Another popular location for small tattoos is the side of the body, on the rings and/or near the breasts. This is a good choice for small tattoos both because it is easy to hide with a bra or a shirt but also because it looks quite delicate and feminine on this part of the body. After all, tattoos are a great way to highlight the body’s curvature and call attention to a favorite feature or body part.

Ultimately, wherever you choose to get your small tattoo and in whatever style, these are an absolutely beautiful way to express yourself and decorate your body with your favorite meanings, symbols, and works of art. Whether you’re choosing it because you like the delicate, cute vibe or simply because you’re not ready for bigger ink yet – or any of a number of other reasons – small, simple tattoos are a wonderful choice.

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