Which Colors Work Best For Tattoos

When investing in a tattoo, there are many factors to consider: the design, the placement and size, the style of tattoo art. But one crucial, yet often overlooked, factor is the color of your tattoo. First and foremost is the question, ‘Do I want a colored design?’ You might have assumed, going into the tattoo shop, that you’d get a pink floral design, only to discover that pink doesn’t show well on your skin. Alternatively, you might have wanted a large yellow tattoo, only to realize that yellow is one of the hardest pigments to get laser removed. Each shade reacts uniquely on different kinds of skin, and it’s important to weigh all the components involved in the mix. Here, we’ll explore the best pigments depending on your skin color, the versatility and longevity of the pigment, sun exposure, and your skin’s unique take to the ink. Read on, and learn about the best pigments for your skin!