Arrow Tattoo Meanings

Arrow tattoos were originally based on Native American tribal life, hundreds of years ago. The arrow represented an essential tool in hunter-gatherer communities, serving as a weapon in hunting and in war. Though a simple design, this symbol is extremely popular because of the powerful, positive meanings associated with it. If you’re interested in learning about all of the variations of the arrow tattoo, check out the list of arrow tattoo meanings below!


History of American Traditional Tattoos

American Traditional tattoos are a hot trend. But these tattoos date back to the 19th century. Two major developments revolutionized the tattoo industry, allowing artists to document and solidify the style. These developments included the invention of the electric tattoo machine in 1891 as well as the distribution of flash sheets which were distributed by mail in addition to residing in portfolios and hanging on the walls of various tattoo parlors.

While the trend began in the 19th century the style truly solidified and found its voice during WWII. Most modern tattoos draw inspiration from this period rather than the earlier one.


History of Japanese Style Tattoos

Whether you know it or not, Japanese style tattoos have likely influenced the ink you have or are thinking about getting. Knowing their rich history will help you make better choices about your final design, even if you aren’t using your tattoos to make a bold statement about your love for Japanese culture.


Why You Need A Custom Tattoo Design (Advisory: Conflict Inevitable)

Getting a custom tattoo design should be the first step for anyone looking to get a tattoo, from First Time Customers to Tattoo Veterans. Custom Tattoo Design creates synergy between the customer and the artist, saving everyone time and money while ensuring that customers get exactly what they want without any pressure.


Skull Tattoo Meanings

The skull tattoo is the rebel’s hallmark. It has maintained popularity throughout generations, with its simple, bold aesthetic, often understood as a symbol of death and mortality. But skulls aren’t only morbid; they can also stand for optimistic ideas, like overcoming obstacles or protecting valuables. If nothing else, these die-hard symbols may remind us to live life to the fullest. If you’re interested in learning more about the meanings behind different skull tattoo designs, check out our skull tattoo dictionary below!


Scientific Tattoo Meanings

A relatively modern design type is the scientific tattoo. These designs feature anything from microscopic biological structures, to macroscopic space objects. Many of them are readable and minimalistic, clearly displaying scientific laws or concepts in special scientific notation. The specific ‘meanings’ behind these designs are straightforward, as far as the actual scientific concepts are concerned, but the meaning behind the tattoo tends to be highly personal.

Popular science writer, Carl Zimmer, set out to learn about those who had science-themed tattoos. He discovered that many people working in a scientific field had a related tattoo based on an emotional connection they’d made to a certain scientific idea. Others have opted for scientific tattoos simply to express their passion for the subject. Look through our science tattoo dictionary below, and see if any of these ideas appeal to you!


This Weeks Featured Tattoos!

1) In honor of the new star wars movie we have to show off this crazy Star Wars Tattoo as our #1 pic

These are our picks for the top tattoos sent to us by our customers this week. Have a look and get inspired for your next Custom Tattoo Design.


How To “Design a Great Tattoo” , When you’re not sure where to start !

Designing Custom Tattoos

Everyday hundreds of people send us inquiries about designing a tattoo for them. Some people know exactly what they want, however the majority of people simply just want a tattoo and hope we can come up with something out of thin air.   After a year of similar request it leads me to write this blog.


Dont Get a Bad Tattoo, Save Your Body In 2 Minutes!

In my experience, tattoo artists and shop owners are generally great people and love their craft. In saying that, please understand that a tattoo shop is just like any other business. It’s their job to sell you on their business and create sales; have you ever heard of a shady automotive mechanic? Or on the other end of the spectrum, a hair salon that everyone goes to?   Most people are so amped for their first tattoo it’s often an impulse decision and people forget to think about who’s doing the tattoo.  Keep in mind that this tattoo is going to last the rest of your life, and an informed decision is important. Take the time to do your homework and spend the money to get it done right.


Popular Tattoo Designs for 2015

Popular Trends for 2015

Tattoo designs are always evolving every year as designers and artists are constantly pushing the envelope with what can be done on skin. This year is already shaping up to be one of the best years for tattoos ever.